Neoteris Delivers Cost-Effective Secure Access To Financial Services Industry

Deutsche Bank Added to Growing List of World-Class Financial Services Clients Using Neoteris IVE to Securely Access Enterprise Applications and Private Information

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – Jan. 13, 2003 – Neoteris, the leading provider of instant virtual extranet (IVE) products, today announced the success of its development and sales initiative to meet the complex and demanding security needs of large financial institutions. As part of its financial services industry initiative, Neoteris revealed that Deutsche Bank (NYSE:DB), a leading international financial service provider, became a client. Deutsche Bank, serving more than 12 million customers in 75 countries, joins five of the top 25 global financial institutions currently using the Neoteris IVE for secure access to applications and private information.

Leading financial institutions and banks worldwide have selected Neoteris because the IVE enables them to cost-effectively deploy secure access to their increasingly mobile knowledge workers without the traditional cost, complexity, and usability problems implied with prior-generation access technologies.

“Neoteris has provided Deutsche Bank with a cost-effective, highly scalable remote access solution that enables us to keep our employees connected at all times, from all locations, which is crucial in our industry,” said George Young, Director of Remote/Mobile Computing, Deutsche Bank. “Because it is an SSL-based technology, the Neoteris IVE makes it easy to grant secure access to employees around the world in a way that makes fiscal sense, while building upon our existing infrastructure and adding another layer of protection for our clients’ financial information.”

Because of their dependence on a large mobile workforce, financial institutions have adopted Neoteris IVE products to increase productivity. With the IVE, authorized employees access private information from customer sites, at home, or on the road. Authenticated users need only a Web browser and an Internet connection to access network resources through the IVE. There is no software for users to configure and no changes are required to network resources. The Neoteris IVE can also be used to grant access to business partners who need to share sensitive information resources. Neoteris’ IVE enables financial institutions to grant controlled access down to the file, application, or URL level to unaffiliated banks and clients, which is a significant benefit for the transfer of confidential information and documents associated with financial underwritings and securities transactions. Additionally, the IVE makes it easier for financial institutions to comply with stringent data protection/privacy security regulations such as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and the upcoming operational risk component of the Basel Accords, all of which are designed to protect financial information.

The IVE utilizes Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology found in Web browsers to enable secure access to enterprise resources over the Internet at the application layer, rather than at the network layer, eliminating network exposure to such threats as viruses, Trojans, or hackers. The Neoteris appliance acts as a secure application gateway, dynamically transforming content so that the end user’s experience is identical to what he/she sees on the desktop.

“As a result of Neoteris’ unique value proposition, we are seeing significant demand and revenue in the financial services sector,” said Neoteris President and CEO, Krishna ‘Kittu’ Kolluri. “The addition of Deutsche Bank as a client, one of the largest financial institutions in the world, coupled with the traction we have experienced across the financial services industry, validates the need for our solution. The Neoteris IVE gives the security conscious and regulated financial services industry anytime, anywhere access to sensitive financial information, enabling institutions to provide a higher level of service for customers, while reducing overall IT expenditures.”

See for more information on how the IVE is helping secure access to private customer information and applications in the financial services industry.

Neoteris IVE Secure Access Appliances
The Neoteris Access* Series provides enterprise-class secure access to network resources for remote employees, customers, and partners. Contrary to other access technologies, there is no client software to install because Neoteris leverages Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for secure, controlled access to resources via any Web browser. The result is a more cost-effective, secure access solution that is easy for customers to deploy and simple for end-users to operate. Neoteris IVE appliances offer application-layer access, stringent access controls, and sophisticated auditing capabilities to further minimize IT headaches and security concerns. The Neoteris IVE has passed rigorous security audits by TruSecure Corporation, Cryptography Research, Inc., and security and forensic computing expert Dan Farmer. The product has also won numerous awards for creating an innovative and compelling access solution, helping enterprises increase efficiency and productivity.

About Neoteris
Neoteris, Inc., is the industry leader in the instant virtual extranet (IVE) category of products, delivering revolutionary security appliances that enable instant secure access to network information from any Internet Web browser for employees, customers and corporate partners. Founded in May 2000, Neoteris is a privately held company backed by Jim Clark, New Enterprise Associates, The Barksdale Group and individual investors. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., and has international offices in London and Hyderabad, India. Go to for more information.

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