ActivCard Unveils First Complete Secure Sign-On Solution with Biometrics

Combines Multi-Factor Authentication and Biometrics with Enterprise Single Sign-On – Enabling Reduced Cost and Complexity

FREMONT, Calif., Jan. 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — ActivCard(R) (Nasdaq: ACTI; Nasdaq Europe: ACTI), the leader in IDentity Management (IDM) software, today announced Trinity(TM), a new secure sign-on software solution that integrates the most advanced authentication techniques including smart cards, fingerprint biometrics, hardware tokens, passwords, or combinations of these methods. With Trinity, enterprise, government, finance and healthcare workers can securely sign on once for immediate access to all of their computing platforms, applications, and websites.

Centrally-Managed Multi-Factor Authentication
Trinity is the only secure sign-on solution with native multi-factor authentication — including biometrics. Trinity manages all user authentication policies across all supported platforms and applications from a single point of administration. Authentication can be enforced at the initial sign-on only or on an application-by-application basis, giving administrators the flexibility to easily comply with their organization’s authentication policy. Other solutions rely on the integration of as many as three different third-party products to provide lesser authentication and sign-on capabilities at added cost and complexity.

Reduces Helpdesk Costs Associated with Password Management Trinity is in use at large U.S. federal government organizations, international financial services institutions, healthcare organizations, and other enterprise organizations seeking better security through multi-factor authentication to workstations, networks, and enterprise applications — along with a simple way to reduce their helpdesk costs associated with password management.

“For end users, the effort to remember a myriad of username and password combinations has undoubtedly contributed to a healthy sticky note industry. For IT staff, the management of user identities is a constant burden with password reset operations consuming up to 47% of a corporate help desk,” said Eric Ogren, senior analyst, security solutions and services, Yankee Group. “Single sign-on (SSO) has been the security elixir for curing users of having to remember multiple passwords and offering relief to IT help desks from synchronizing passwords. Trinity’s portable multi-factor authentication strengthens the security features of SSO.”

“The safest password is the one that nobody knows,” said Ed MacBeth, senior vice president of marketing, ActivCard. “Trinity allows IT managers to roll out maximum-length passwords — such as randomly generated 17 character passwords — for their key applications and automatically change them continuously. The beauty of this solution is that users don’t have to remember any passwords, since they only have to lay down a biometric or insert a smart card and enter a PIN to log in.”

Automates Application Sign-On – Reducing Complexity
On average, today’s enterprise workers have to remember 20 different passwords to access all of their Web-based, client-server, desktop and legacy applications. With Trinity, the user now only needs to perform a single strong authentication. Once users authenticate and log in, they can swiftly access other protected applications or websites. When a user launches a target application that requires authentication, Trinity automatically enters the necessary credentials into the authentication dialog box — just as if the user were submitting the information. This saves users time and enhances their productivity. The Trinity solution pays for itself in less than 12 months by reducing the costs associated with managing and resetting passwords.

Leverages Existing Infrastructure for Easy Deployment
Trinity works seamlessly with an organization’s IT infrastructure, supporting the existing directory, certificate authority, and user management systems. Unlike other single sign-on solutions, Trinity does not require any changes to either the client or server applications that it supports. Trinity’s device independent design center supports a variety of biometric scanners, smart cards, card readers, and combination readers, offering flexibility and usability for environments where a single user must use more than one computer or multiple users must share a single computer.

Trinity is available now. Call 1-800-529-9499 for more information or 1-510-574-0100.
Pricing: Trinity is available in two versions — Trinity Sign-On and Trinity Secure Sign-On.

— Trinity Sign-On is $30 – 60 per user (pricing dependent on volume) and includes client and server solutions for password-only reduced sign-on
— Trinity Secure Sign-On is $50 – 90 per user (pricing dependent on volume) and includes client and server solutions for secure sign-on using fingerprint biometrics, tokens, smart cards, and combinations of these methods.

About ActivCard
ActivCard,, is the leader in IDentity Management (IDM) software for remote access, secure sign-on and digital ID card solutions. Our scalable IDM and strong authentication solutions are trusted by organizations – from enterprise to governments around the world. ActivCard IDM systems deliver maximum Return On Identity(TM) (ROI) through increased security, reduced cost, and user convenience. The modular product design allows our customers to add capabilities as required, preserving their investment.

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