Zix Corporation Introduces ZixWorks, a Fully Managed and Hosted Email Protection Service

New Offering Adopted by Fortune 200 Health Insurance Company Provides Outsourced Management, Operations, Support, and Best-Of-Class Services That Reduce Email Risk

Zix Corporation (ZixCorp(TM)), (Nasdaq:ZIXI), a global provider of e-messaging management and protection services, today announced its new ZixWorks(TM) offering. ZixWorks is the first service that addresses the requirements of organizations seeking to safeguard their communications against email-borne threats, to deliver policy-driven security, and to comply with various regulations and mandates regarding transmittal and retention of email. ZixWorks delivers anti-virus, anti-spam, content scanning, encryption, and archiving capabilities in a fully managed and hosted service. The service satisfies the growing number of email requirements in one simple solution and is suited for both large and small organizations.

As a hosted and managed service, ZixWorks operates outside a company’s network and acts as a forward perimeter defense or firewall against external email threats, protects customer networks, and reduces wasted network bandwidth. The service is designed to be operational in a matter of days with no disruption to customer networks. Ongoing administration, upgrades, and maintenance become the responsibility of ZixCorp so that companies can remain focused on their core businesses. The service also provides instant updates to virus and spam definitions and content scanning lexicons, ensuring the highest level of protection available.

ZixWorks operates within the ZixCorp SecureCenter(TM), a fully redundant network operations center dedicated to secure e-message processing with a demonstrated 99.99% availability. Staffed 24 hours a day with operations personnel constantly monitoring the facilities, networks, and systems, the SecureCenter eliminates the need for companies to build and staff their own secure e-messaging centers.

ZixCorp Vice President of Strategy and Products Daniel S. Nutkis believes ZixWorks signifies a fundamental advance in making email services safer and more cost-effective. “It is telling when one of the first ZixWorks customers is a Fortune 200 health insurance company, currently in the process of deploying the service to the entire enterprise of over 14,000 users. Organizations like this one recognize that our fully managed service delivers an entire suite of components to safeguard email and operates in a highly secure and reliable manner. ZixWorks delivers the expertise and dedicated resources necessary to best address risk and cost, and enables them to focus on more strategic initiatives. Whether a company has 250 employe es or over 150,000, ZixWorks manages e-messaging needs with a level of expertise and a level of reliability it could never achieve with an in-house solution, and at a much lower total cost of ownership.”

The new ZixWorks offering will be supported by the ZixResearch Center(TM), where dedicated researchers continuously update spam and virus definitions and content scanning policies, including those mandated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, or other prudent practices, based on the organization’s requirements. Al Goerner, ZixResearch Center director, said, “ZixWorks’ managed service helps reduce a company’s liability by off-loading complex tasks to a third party and complying with industry-best practices. With the ZixResearch Center and ZixWorks, we’ve made secure e-messaging more efficient and convenient than ever before. ZixWorks truly provides one source for comp anies to completely safeguard every aspect of their email quickly and easily.”

David Thompson of the Meta Group, a leading research and consulting firm focusing on information technology, believes companies can benefit from a single-source email security service. “By combining all of the essential services for a secure e-messaging environment into ZixWorks, ZixCorp has made it very easy for its customers to rapidly get on with their business while remaining confident of their ability to avoid the many pitfalls of sending and receiving email over the Internet. Organizations without a comprehensive approach to resolving the issues of email spam, viruses, and privacy may suffer significant disruptions or losses as the number of email security-related incidents continues to rise.”

About Zix Corporation
Zix Corporation (ZixCorp(TM)) is a global provider of e-messaging management and protection services. ZixCorp offers a portfolio of managed on-site and hosted e-messaging solutions to protect organizations from viruses, spam, and electronic attack, while delivering the ability to enforce corporate policies and securely send to anyone. ZixCorp’s advisory services and secure e-messaging solutions enable organizations of any size to streamline operations, avoid obsolescence, mitigate risks, and leverage the cost and time efficiencies of e-messaging. For more information, visit www.zixcorp.com.

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