Antivirus Integrated in Security Solution – a First for Novell

· Viruses and spam stay out, confidential data stays in, and the file storage is safe
· “RAV adds tremendous value and security for our customers”, asserted Novell representative Jay Wood

Bucharest, Hanover, March 14, 2003
On March 14, 2003 at CeBIT Exhibition, RAV AntiVirus addresses the Novell environment with an unprecedented security solution. Two new products will be officially released at The RAV booth, H26, within the Hanover IT&C exhibition’s Hall 6.

What sets the solution coming from RAV apart from the rest lies in the integration of an antivirus scanner, complex antispam features and content filtering capabilities, designed to control and secure mail traffic at GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA)-GroupWise MTA (GWMTA) levels, using for the first time integrated antivirus, antispam and content filtering (powered by the same engine). Moreover, the Netware server is also virus proof thanks to what is designed to become a thorough solution for the Novell GroupWise mail transfer and Netware data storage.

“Anti-virus and content filtering continue to be top concerns for our GroupWise customers. That is why we are pleased to have partners products like RAV AntiVirus that is built specifically to meet the needs of GroupWise users. It adds tremendous value and security for our customers”, explained Jay Wood, GroupWise Solutions Marketing.

“We found out that the need of integration regarding security for the Novell platform was not completely served. We received requests about including antivirus, antispam and content filtering in a single solution dedicated to a Novell GroupWise platform. Thanks to the technology of RAV Engine, which makes it rapidly portable to different platforms, our team was able to develop and test RAV AntiVirus for Novell GroupWise to contain all three features. We added to it RAV AntiVirus for Novell Netware, which is an enhanced version of a previous product, to create a complete solution for the Novell environment. It is our belief that by addressing such specific and demanding market we will serve well our commitment to keep electronic threats under control” said Carmen Sebe, Marketing and Sales Manager of RAV Division within GeCAD Software.

About RAV AntiVirus
RAV AntiVirus products have been developed since 1994, on an ever growing basis. Since then RAV AntiVirus’ product family extended constantly, and now integrates reliable antivirus and security solutions dedicated to most hardware configurations. Nowadays known through a worldwide network of over 140 partner spread on all continents, our products respond to the highest requirements of residential users, as well as SME and ISP customers, and are endorsed by distinguished certifications like Checkmark and ICSA.

About Novell
Novell Data Systems began life in 1979 as a computer manufacturer and maker of disk operating systems. Nowadays, Novell creates software solutions to bring all kinds of networks – intranets, extranets, and the Internet; corporate and private; wired to wireless – together as one Net. Based in Prove, Utah, US, and represented through a worldwide partners network, the Novell Corporation focuses on developing Net services software that secures and powers the networked environment.

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