NetScreen Firewalling NetWorld+Interop Las Vegas 2003

NetScreen Technologies Inc. announced that they will be the official network firewall provider for the upcoming InteropNet Event Network at NetWorld+Interop 2003 in Las Vegas.

NetScreen will provide multiple layers of firewall defense throughout the event, using NetScreen-5200s, NetScreen-208s and NetScreen-5XTs from its line of high-performance security appliances with integrated firewall, virtual private network and denial of service protection capabilities.

Steve Wylie, director of network operations for NetWorld+Interop said: “Our eNet network comes to life at the show in just four days — connecting all event participants and supporting their communications needs. Our goal is to showcase the industry’s leading products in a real world configuration. We chose NetScreen this year as the official firewall provider for the eNet because it offered the best solution to meet our security requirements.”

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