Entrust Releases New Secure Web Portal Solution

Entrust released its latest Secure Web Portal Solution based on Entrust TruePass Version 7.0, the first Web security solution in the market today to deliver bi-directional, end-to-end security for online information regardless of an organization’s Web infrastructure.

Traditional SSL-based Web security only protects data from the browser to the Web server, at which point the data is decrypted and sent along ‘in the clear.’ With Entrust TruePass 7.0, online information can be secured ’round-trip’ between the user’s browser and the back-end application, ensuring accountability and privacy. Through interactive online forms or reporting applications, users will be able to submit their sensitive information as encrypted and digitally signed XML or HTML data, or as secure file attachments. Organizations can then securely return real-time updates, approvals and instructions to the users, eliminating paper-based processes and increasing service efficiency.

David Thompson, senior research analyst at META Group, Inc. said: “Organizations today are seeking mechanisms to protect the confidentiality of online data not just during transmission to the Web server, but beyond.”

Entrust TruePass 7.0 delivers a streamlined, interface between third-party Web applications and Entrust TruePass security functionality, enabling applications to maintain their existing look and feel and ensuring that Entrust TruePass is non-intrusive to the customer. The enhanced integration also gives the application greater control over the security process and significantly reduces programming effort.

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