Entrust Secure Web Portal Solution First to Deliver Bi-directional, End-to-End Online Information Security

Latest version of Entrust TruePass offers greater information privacy and security management features

LONDON – AUGUST 6, 2003 – Entrust, Inc. [NASDAQ: ENTU], a world leader in securing digital identities and information, today announced its latest Secure Web Portal Solution based on Entrust TruePass Version 7.0, the first Web security solution in the market today to deliver bi-directional, end-to-end security for online information regardless of an organization’s Web infrastructure.

Traditional SSL-based Web security only protects data from the browser to the Web server, at which point the data is decrypted and sent along ‘in the clear.’ With Entrust TruePass 7.0, online information can be secured ’round-trip’ between the user’s browser and the back-end application, ensuring accountability and privacy. Through interactive online forms or reporting applications, users will be able to submit their sensitive information as encrypted and digitally signed XML or HTML data, or as secure file attachments. Organizations can then securely return real-time updates, approvals and instructions to the users, eliminating paper-based processes and increasing service efficiency.

This solution was designed for governments and businesses looking to securely exchange sensitive information with their customers and partners online, without risking unauthorized access or theft. According to a “2003 CSI/FBI Computer Crime and Security Survey”, theft of proprietary information caused the greatest financial loss for IT organizations, with an average loss of $2.7 million.

“Organizations today are seeking mechanisms to protect the confidentiality of online data not just during transmission to the Web server, but beyond,” said David Thompson, senior research analyst at META Group, Inc. “This entails seamless encryption of data during re-transmission back to the user as well as encrypted storage of such data on servers and in databases on the back-end.”

“Entrust has delivered yet another first in the market with a complete Web Security solution that enables organizations to capitalize on the promises of e-Government and e-Business,” said Kevin Simzer, senior vice-president of marketing at Entrust. “Entrust TruePass 7.0 offers a thin-client security solution that enables end-to-end privacy and security.”

Simplified Integration and Management Features

Entrust TruePass 7.0 delivers a streamlined, interface between third-party Web applications and Entrust TruePass security functionality, enabling applications to maintain their existing look and feel and ensuring that Entrust TruePass is non-intrusive to the customer. The enhanced integration also gives the application greater control over the security process and significantly reduces programming effort.

Additionally, Entrust TruePass now supports IETF RFC 3039, which enables customers to maintain a third key pair for digital signatures, along with key pairs for encryption and authentication. This is particularly important for European organizations complying with the European Union Digital Signature Directive.

“As one of the nation’s largest community-owned electric utilities, the Sacramento Municipal Utilities District has an extensive network of customers and business partners with whom we exchange highly sensitive information, ” said Deirdre Perkins-Moore, senior network design and development specialist at Sacramento Municipal Utilities District. “Solutions like Entrust TruePass deliver the strong PKI-based authentication, digital signatures and end-to-end encryption that is required to ensure information security and data privacy.”

Other features found in Version 7.0 include:
· Centralized roles-based password policies, providing organizations the flexibility to enforce different password policies depending on the user’s role (e.g. employee, partner, customer). This enables user authentication rights to be consistently managed across all Web applications protected by Entrust TruePass;
· Digital ID management in cross-certified environments, enabling flexible, transparent user credential lifecycle management in both Internet and Intranet environments;
· CRL checking on third-party certificates, allowing customers to extend their online services to a wider community of trusted users;
· Enhanced diagnostic tools that further reduce helpdesk costs.

About Entrust TruePass
Entrust TruePass software provides a zero-footprint solution that helps organizations securely authenticate individuals who want to access their Web portal. In addition to authenticating end users through digital identities, Entrust TruePass provides an auditable record of transactions through digital signatures, and protects the privacy of information transmitted end-to-end. In mid-2002, Entrust TruePass became the first Java-based solution to be accredited with the Federal Information Processing Standards and Publication (FIPS) 140-1 validation. More information about Entrust TruePass is available at our website at http://www.entrust.com/truepass/index.htm

Entrust TruePass, together with Entrust GetAccess TM, form the foundation of the Entrust Secure Web Portal Solution. The solution provides organizations with strong authentication, authorization, encryption and digital signatures capabilities to enable secure online service delivery, resulting in increased productivity and reduced costs. For more information on Entrust Secure Web Portal Solution, please go to http://www.entrust.com/solutions/webportal/index.htm

Entrust TruePass is also a key component of the Entrust Secure Identity Management Solution, a comprehensive and cost-effective offering that enables governments and businesses to easily deploy and manage identities across a broad range of enterprise and Web applications. The Entrust Secure Identity Management Solution includes key features such as user self-service, delegated administration and password synchronization that enable organizations to rapidly deploy and easily manage large user populations. For more information, please go to http://www.entrust.com/identity_management/index.htm

Product Availability
Entrust TruePass 7.0 is available directly from Entrust or indirectly through authorized channels.

About Entrust
Entrust, Inc. [Nasdaq: ENTU] is a world leader in securing digital identities and information, enabling businesses and governments to transform the way they conduct online transactions and manage relationships with customers, partners and employees. Entrust’s solutions promote a proactive approach to security that provides accountability and privacy to online transactions and information. Over 1,200 enterprises and government agencies in more than 50 countries use Entrust’s portfolio of security software solutions that integrate into the broad range of applications organizations use today to leverage the Internet and enterprise networks. For more information, please visit

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