Anonymizer Makes the Internet a Safer Place for Iranian Citizens

Technology gives back a level of deserved freedom to a repressed citizenship

SAN DIEGO, Calif., Sept 11, 2003 – Anonymizer®, Inc., a leading provider of anonymous Web surfing and online privacy protection, today announced new anti-censorship Web proxy services in Iran, enabling people to bypass government filtering and access information sources, including political and religious content. Currently, about two million citizens in Iran have Web access. Anonymizer has provided similar services to other countries, including China, with extremely positive results.

Iranian government officials blacklist forbidden sites that, for instance due to political and religious content, are considered dangerous. The United States International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB, is funding the effort in their partnership with Anonymizer to utilize their core technology.

The way it works is that Anonymizer sends bulk e-mails and daily newsletters to the Iranian citizens addresses that are provided by human rights organizations. The IBB, in support of the Voice Of America Persian Service (VOA, and Radio Farda (, are sponsoring the effort to provide this easily accessible service. The generic URLs for the anti-censorship services are publicized over the Radio Farda and VOA Persian broadcasts. The URLs are changed when they become blocked by the Iranian Government, so that Iranian citizens can continue to get unfiltered, unblocked local and world news.

“The links to the service provided within the emails point to either the VOA or Radio Farda sites, but they can go anywhere on the Internet,” said Ken Berman, program manager for Internet Anti-censorship activities at the IBB. “Dissident sites, religious sites, the L.L. Bean catalog – they are free to explore the Internet as they wish, in an unfettered fashion.”

“By providing a means for these people to visit the sites that are blocked by their government while remaining anonymous, we’re making the Internet a safer place as well as offering the freedoms that they should be afforded,” said Lance Cottrell, president and founder of Anonymizer. “This project brings forth the full potential of the Internet bringing free speech and democracy to the world.”

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