Blade-Software Announces The Release Of IDS Informer 4.0, Ground Breaking Test Solution Supporting New Deep Packet Analysis Devices

Redwood City, CA, USA, 15th Oct 2003- Blade-Software, the leading pioneer in Security Verification Management Solutions today announces the release of IDS Informer 4.0

IDS Informer 4.0 delivers the next generation in solutions for testing intrusion detection systems (IDS) and intrusion prevention systems (IPS), new features include;

New Graphical User Interface: Enabling complex testing scenarios to be easily configured, saved, shared and imported between multiple users. Including graphical packet transmission display and summary.

Twin Network Card Support: To allow inline devices to be tested in a stateful, controlled and repeatable manner. Offers “Lan In A Can” testing capabilities, no requirement for a target host to be available. Can transmit attacks in “Stealth Mode” between two network cards, without the need for TCP/IP.

Importable And Exportable Network Settings: To allow complex testing scenarios to be saved and shared for guaranteed repeatable testing.

Importable And Exportable Attack Groups: To allow complex attack groups to be saved and shared for guaranteed repeatable testing.

Guaranteed Packet Delivery Technology: To validate packet blocking capabilities of inline devices. Packet re-transmit capability and controllable packet life.

Detailed Packet Level Reporting Capabilities: Allowing full customization of reports and detailed packet or audit level reporting.

Customizable Source And Destination IP And Port Fields: Choose specific field information, random, ranges or individual. Test to see if attacks can get through your defenses.

Chris Ralph Head of Pre Sales and Consulting for Blade Software states, ” We are pleased to announce the release of the next generation of Informer products. IDS Informer 4.0 is packed with new features to enable our customers to accurately and safely test and validate the latest intrusion detection and prevention systems. These new features include a new user interface, completely new advanced reporting module, fully stateful transmission, graphical packet display and increased security through IDS Informer’s unique ability to replay traffic through interfaces in stealth mode, even when passing through gateways. We believe that IDS Informer now offers unprecedented ease of use together with the most accurate and versatile IDS/IPS validation tool available today.”

IDS Informer 4.0 is available immediately and can be purchased on perpetual, annual or weekly licenses.

IDS Informer 4.0 can be downloaded from the below link

Link for IDS Informer product datasheet

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