World Release of Airscanner Mobile Encrypter

Airscanner Corp. is pleased to announce the release of Airscanner Mobile Encrypter 1.0 for Windows Mobile/PocketPC.

The software is FREE for non-commercial use and may be downloaded at:

The online User’s Manual is available at:

Description:Airscanner Mobile Encrypter secures data residing on your personal data assistant (PDA). Airscanner Mobile Encrypter has user-selectable, popular encryption and decryption algorithms such as 40-bit RC2, 40-bit RC4 and 56-bit DES and also offers Microsoft’s Enhanced CryptoAPI, which supports strong, 128-bit RC4 encryption/decryption algorithms. The encryption/decryption is performed at the individual file and folder levels. Each file can be encrypted/decrypted by its own key.

– Granular encryption and decryption at the individual file/folder level – Flexible encryption strength and speed. – Support for Windows CE enhanced Crypto API with strong, 128bit RC4 encryption.

– Windows CE device running Windows Mobile (PocketPC) 2002/2003 or later
– ARM-based processor (including X-scale)

– Free for personal (non-commercial) use.
– Corporate, Educational, Government, and Small Business/Home Office users must purchase an annual license within 30 days of installing the software.

Airscanner Corporation, headquartered in Dallas, TX, produces the most technologically advanced mobile security software in the world. Airscanner is a pure research and development software company comprised of pre-eminent leaders in the field of wireless security. Airscanner technology is based on multiple U.S. Patents pending. “Airscanner” is a trademark of Airscanner Corp.

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