Flarepath Go Gold with Flarepath Windows Update Analyser

Doncaster, South Yorkshire – 18 Mar 2004 – For those administrators who rely on Microsoft’s built in automatic updates or Software Update Services, Flarepath Windows Update Analyser (FWUA) allows them to see the automatic update activity across the whole of their network.

FWUA automatically discovers clients on the network and then scans them to record the windows update history which is stored in a SQL Server database. Notifications can be set to alert administrators of failed downloads, machines requiring a reboot or even when the automatic update client is stuck. The notifications are based on XML rules and are fully configurable.

Administrators can see an overview of the updates or drill down to look at individual updates either on a computer, domain or global basis. They can see which updates are installed on which computers or which updates should be installed but are missing. Each area can be exported to a text or CSV file for further analysis.

FWUA offers a low cost solution to patch visibility and will detect critical, recommended and driver updates.

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