Kavado Releases Integrated Web Application Security Suite With Protection For Privileged Corporate and Customer Data

London-July 19, 2004-Kavado Inc., a leader in Web application security, today announced the latest versions of its ScanDo Web application scanner and InterDo Web application firewall products, offering the only solution for creating an integrated security process throughout the development, deployment and maintenance of Web applications. The integrated security suite detects and protects privileged or regulated data from both internal and external threats. This is a critical component of the best practices protection of private data necessary for organizations to meet regulatory requirements.

“With the e-government drive to make all council services available electronically – it is important that Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council has a secure, yet easily accessible and user friendly website. We have therefore chosen Kavado’s new Web application security suite to secure our systems and to protect all confidential information such as names, addresses, credit card and council tax information. Not only are we compliant with the Data Protection Act, but can ensure our 312,000 citizens that the site is secure and can be accessed by them with confidence.” John Alcock, Infrastructure Unit Manager, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council.

Enterprises use the ScanDo Web application scanner to perform risk assessments by identifying vulnerabilities in applications and the exposure of privileged information. Kavado’s AutoPolicy technology uses the intelligence derived from the scanning process to generate optimized, application-specific security policies for the InterDo Web application firewall. InterDo validates and secures inbound and outbound traffic to prevent transmission of privileged information or exploitation of the vulnerabilities to steal, delete or modify critical data.

The new versions, ScanDo 2.5 and InterDo 3.5, combine to provide out-of-the-box detection and protection of major credit cards and Social Security numbers, while InterDo supports customer-defined patterns to secure additional data such as account numbers and patient record numbers. Enterprises can now consolidate all scan results and InterDo logs to a centralized database for forensic analysis and compliance reporting. This end-to-end process-driven approach is used to comply with regulations such as HIPAA, GLBA and the European Union Data Protection Directive.

Recognizing that internal threats represent a significant percentage of financial losses due to hacking, Kavado has added a new feature to InterDo to ensure that all traffic to the Web server must go through the InterDo Web application firewall. This provides added protection against economic attacks by hackers inside an organization, who may have direct network access to the Web server.

“Securing private data in Web applications has become one of the important concerns for today’s enterprises,” said Jon Greene, VP of Marketing at Kavado. “As new regulatory requirements are enforced to preserve the integrity of privileged data, companies need to identify vulnerabilities and protect critical data such as credit card and Social Security numbers. Kavado provides the only integrated Web application security solution that helps organizations meet regulatory requirements and achieve the highest level of security against internal and external threats.”

Industry experts recognize that Web application security is one of the fastest growing sectors in the IT security market today. In fact Yankee Group predicts that the market for Web application security products and services will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 65 percent to $1.74 billion by 2007.

“Businesses today realize they need to do more than just protect their data at the network level, they need to secure the Web applications and the critical information that resides in these applications,” said Eric Ogren, Senior Analyst at The Yankee Group. “Kavado has developed a unique integrated scanner and firewall solution to create a continuous process for vulnerability detection, risk assessment, threat mitigation, reporting and forensics that conform with best practices for application security enforcement from development through deployment and maintenance.”

Pricing and Availability
ScanDo and InterDo are available immediately, directly from Kavado or through one of its channel partners. ScanDo 2.5 starts at $11,000 and InterDo 3.5 starts at $15,000.

About Kavado, Inc.
Founded in 2000, Kavado is a leading provider of Web application security solutions. The company’s security products are used to protect organizations from hostile manipulation of Web applications and theft of data. Having been chosen by some of the world’s leading financial services firms, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and government institutions, the company’s award winning integrated security suite of scanning and firewall products provides a process-oriented approach to identify and protect from application layer security threats.

Headquartered in New York City, with offices in the United Kingdom, France, Israel and throughout the United States, Kavado is a privately-held corporation funded by Pequot Ventures, 3i, Platinum Neurone Ventures and Banc of America Equity Partners.

For additional information, visit http://www.kavado.com or contact the company at ++1 212-302-2400.

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