DeviceLock Blocks Security Holes, USB Ports and Other Open Channels

SAN RAMON, CA— SmartLine Inc has upgraded its DeviceLock network security solution to expand administrator control over user access to devices and ports on local computers. The new edition, DeviceLock5.6, adds the ability to block selected users or user groups from accessing PDAs and memory keys on network machines. The software also regulates access to USB and FireWire ports, Bluetooth and WiFi adapters, floppy and CD/DVD drives, tape devices, removable storage devices such as memory sticks and ZIP drives, and serial, parallel and infrared ports.

DeviceLock is designed to prevent data theft and network corruption by users who might download sensitive files to external media, inadvertently introduce viruses and other malicious programs through removable disks, or otherwise compromise network security through open devices and ports. Network administrators can also use DeviceLock to flush a storage device’s buffers.

The product enables administrators to control device and port access by user, time of day, and day of the week from a central management console. The agent software can be deployed remotely to every computer on the network, permissions can be set for individual users as well as user groups, and access privileges can be assigned on a device-by-device or port-by-port basis. In addition, the system can be set to allow read/write devices such as floppy, CD and ZIP drives to be accessed in read-only mode.

These capabilities go beyond those available with standard access control solutions that ship with Windows operating systems. Group Policy, for example, cannot manage WiFi, Bluetooth, USB and FireWire devices.

“Eighty percent of security breaches come from inside an organization, and the proliferation of USB-based devices has made networks more vulnerable than ever. A tiny device like a USB storage key can suck an enormous amount of proprietary information out of your company in the blink of an eye,” said SmartLine CEO/President Vladimir Chernavsky . “DeviceLock addresses the need to close security loopholes associated with removable media and other devices and ports that ordinarily are not policed by network security systems.”

Specifications and Pricing

DeviceLock requires Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP or Windows Server 2003, 32 MB RAM, and a hard drive with 2 MB of hard disk space. It costs $35 (US) for a single-user license. Discounts are available for multi-user licenses and for educational institutions. A free, fully functional demo can be downloaded at

About SmartLine

SmartLine Inc. develops cost-effective network management solutions for enterprise system administrators. The company’s products include DeviceLock and PortsLock, which provide security from external USB devices and TCP/IP management, respectively. SmartLine’s ActiveNetwork Monitor software platform helps IT administrators keep a bird’s-eye view of all activities on the corporate network. For more information, visit

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