Cloudmark Joins Microsoft In Support Of Sender ID

REDMOND, Wash. – August 12, 2004 – From the Microsoft-sponsored Email Service Provider (ESP) Coalition offsite, CloudmarkTM Inc., the company that delivers the immune system for email, today announced the availability of Cloudmark Rating for Sender ID, the first free reputation system to complete the Sender ID Framework for large e-mail senders, including service providers and businesses. Cloudmark’s reputation system completes the Sender ID Framework to close the loopholes that spammers could exploit by enabling users to provide immediate real-time feedback on a sender’s reputation. Cloudmark Rating for Sender ID will provide a free and proven real-time technology to ensure that the Sender ID Framework helps put an end to unwanted spam and fraud, while not blocking business critical messages. Download the new free service today at:

“The Sender ID Framework is an important advancement in the fight against spam and fraud. We are implementing it as a part of our solutions and want to see it succeed as a standard,” said Karl Jacob, CEO of Cloudmark. “However, while Sender ID is great for authentication, it needs to be coupled with a reputation system in order to be truly effective. Cloudmark is proud to offer its successful reputation system free in order to help complete our combined missions of ending spam and fraud.”

“The Cloudmark Rating for Sender ID reputation system marks a vital step in completing the industry-wide fight against spam,” said Ryan Hamlin, general manager of the Anti-Spam Technology and Strategy Group at Microsoft. “The addition of a widely available and easy to implement reputation system to the Sender ID Framework will help provide a vital line of protection against spammers who attempt to circumvent Sender ID by switching domains.”

Real-time community closes loopholes and ensures accuracy

Cloudmark Rating for Sender ID is part of a suite of Cloudmark Rating services, which has already successfully stopped spam and fraud for more than one million users through the world’s best network of SpamFighters. Cloudmark Rating for Sender ID will also provide real-time, end-user driven reputation information that service providers and businesses can use for validating the Sender ID authentication system.

Sender ID accurately authenticates a sender’s identity by confirming a message’s domain origin. However, reputation services are needed in addition to authentication to prevent spammers from trying to circumvent the Sender ID technology by quickly moving to different domains to avoid detection. Cloudmark’s Rating reputation system helps to close the loopholes by enabling users to provide real-time feedback on the reputation of good and bad email senders. This means that while Sender ID confirms that the sender is in fact who they say they are, Cloudmark Rating will then determine in real-time if the message being sent is from a spammer or from a legitimate email sender. For legitimate email senders who adopt Sender ID, Cloudmark Rating will help ensure the safe and efficient delivery of their message by providing a positive reputation, bypassing the need for lengthy and complicated scrutiny that can often lead to undelivered mail and false positives.

To download the free Cloudmark Rating for Sender ID service, please visit

About Cloudmark, Inc.

Cloudmark(tm) is the company that delivers the immune system for email. The company offers tailored anti-spam solutions for the desktop, small and medium businesses (SMBs) and the large enterprise providing immediate spam relief to thousands of businesses and more than a million desktops in 72 countries.

Cloudmark invented the highly effective spamDNA technology, the recent innovation of Email Genetic Mapping(tm) coupled with Cloudmark’s revolutionary nDimensional technology and the first peer-to-peer, real-time, SpamFighting community in 1998.

CTO Jordan Ritter, also co-founder of Napster, and Vipul Ved Prakash, chief scientist and author of Vipul’s Razor founded Cloudmark.

For more information about Cloudmark, visit the company’s web site at:

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