Thawte Launches New, Enhanced Reseller Channel Including Thawte’s Latest, Low Priced SSL123 Certificate Which Can Be Issued Within Minutes

thawte Consulting (Pty) Ltd, the second largest commercial provider of SSL certificates according to the latest study performed by Netcraft in July 2004, has announced the launch of their enhanced Reseller Channel which can be found at This refined channel boasts key functionality requested by global partners including:

* thawte’s easy new 3-step end-customer enrollment process; 1-step certificate renewal process; simplified FREE certificate reissues; enhanced real-time report capabilities; refined certificate status pages; real-time message center; more flexible prepay options; a streamlined pay-as-you-go option; an easy renewal reminder tool; and most importantly, highly competitive discounts.

New products include 2 year Code Signing Certificates and the latest digital certificate from thawte, the SSL123 Certificate. SSL123 Certificates are very competitively priced, capable of providing 128-bit encryption, can be issued within minutes and carry the thawte hallmark of trust.

thawte’s Managing Director, Bo Wilson, states “our new Reseller Channel confirms thawte’s commitment to the Reseller-ISP market. We believe that this channel now offers Resellers the best features and product range in the industry and we will continue to bring more enhancements to the program. Pricing within this channel is now more competitive than ever and is targeted to maximize our Resellers’ effectiveness. Our customers remain our main focus at thawte, with outstanding global service offered by all of our employees, especially from our Reseller Sales, Customer Service and Technical Support teams.”

thawte digital certificates are compatible with the largest number of browsers on the market and can provide free reissues throughout the lifespan of the certificate. thawte offers a variety of 128-bit enabled SSL certificates from SSL Web Server certificates to SGC SuperCerts plus the unique platform-independent Code Signing certificates.

About thawte Consulting (Pty) Ltd

thawte is an established, trusted Certification Authority – a company that facilitates message encryption by managing security credentials and public keys. thawte does this by issuing digital certificates to parties once independent proof of their identity has been obtained. It has issued over 484,000 SSL certificates since its inception in 1995.

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