(ISC)2 Seeks Candidates For Annual $50,000 Information Security Scholarship Program

PALM HARBOR, Fla., Sept. 1, 2004 ‘ The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2®, the non-profit international leader in its 15th year of educating, qualifying and certifying information security professionals worldwide, today announced the Annual (ISC)2 Information Security Scholarship Program for 2005. Established in 2004, the Program offers financial assistance for post-graduate research to information security students worldwide.

On Jan. 30, 2005, (ISC)2 will award four one-year scholarships of up to $12,500 each to full-time post-graduate students pursuing an advanced degree in information security at any accredited university worldwide officially recognized by (ISC)2. The scholarships may be consecutively renewed if all criteria have been met, or for multiple research projects. The deadline for submissions is Nov. 30, 2004.

Scholarship recipients will be selected based on the relevance of their research to the (ISC)2 CBK®, a compendium of industry best practices, with special consideration given to students who are Associates of (ISC)2 or holders of the CISSP® (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) or SSCP® (Systems Security Certified Practitioner) credential, as well as those with financial need. All payments will be made directly to the recipient’s university or college.

‘It is our mission is to provide development opportunities and support for information security professionals throughout their careers, and that outreach begins with students pursuing an information security career,’ said James E. Duffy, CISSP, president and chief executive officer of (ISC)2.

‘Colleges and universities that participate in our scholarship program demonstrate their commitment to offering the most comprehensive, highest-quality information security education to their students,’ Duffy said.

Interested students must submit a scholarship application form, undergraduate and graduate transcripts, three character references, and a proposed budget for the use of the scholarship award. Students must also submit a certified statement from their faculty advisor or institution validating the following facts:

· The applicant is a post-graduate student in good standing with the relevant department;
· The applicant is pursuing defined information security research that has been approved by the college or university;
· The applicant’s faculty advisor and/or institution will support the applicant for any expenses the scholarship does not cover.

To obtain the (ISC)2 Information Security Scholarship form, prospective candidates should go to https://www.isc2.org and scroll to the application link under ‘(ISC)2 Scholarship Program.’

The scholarship program is a component of (ISC)2’s worldwide Academic Partner Program, which offers academic institutions opportunities to enhance information security education for their students via scholarships, on-line review seminars and exams, academic credit for (ISC)2 certification holders, e-learning, and professional experience credit for (ISC)2 certification candidates from approved academic institutions. For the latest information on the (ISC)2 Academic Partner Program, interested parties should contact Sarah Bohne, senior communications manager for (ISC)2, at sbohne@isc2.org.

About (ISC)²
Based in Palm Harbor, Florida, USA with offices in London, Hong Kong and Tokyo, the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc. (ISC)2® is the premier organization dedicated to providing information security professionals around the world professional certification based on (ISC)2’s CBK®, a compendium of industry ‘best practices’ for information security professionals. Since its inception in 1989, the non-profit organization has trained, qualified and certified more than 27,000 information security professionals in 106 countries. (ISC)2 awards the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP’/span>) and the Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP’/span>) credentials. Both certifications require professional experience and, for the CISSP, the Gold Standard in information security certifications, an endorsement by a professional who is familiar with the background of the candidate. (ISC)2 is the first information security certifying body to meet the requirements of ISO/IEC 17024, a global benchmark for certification of personnel. More information about (ISC)2 is available at www.isc2.org.

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