Independent Research Firm Cites Skybox Security As “The Most Innovative Company” In Threat Management Report

PALO ALTO, CA – October 19, 2004 – SkyboxR Security Inc., the leader of next-generation Security Risk Management (SRM) software solutions, today announced that the respected analyst firm of Forrester Research named Skybox as “the most innovative company” in a September 2004 client choice report titled “Technical Threat Management: Steps to take Before, During and After the Next Attack” by Steve Hunt, Laura Koetzle and Natalie Lambert.

The report identifies a clear gap between threat information gathering and execution technologies and the need for planning and decision tools that can help enterprises prevent attacks on critical information assets. Hunt asserts, “The process of properly managing threats and attacks includes finding out what is likely to happen, determining policies and acceptable level of risks, and then executing the plan. The technologies employed in the battle against threats and attacks may be organized by their place in the attack life cycle: pre-attack, attack, and post-attack.” Within the pre-attack phase, Hunt states, “Exposure management calculates the total impact of any future attack and prioritizes steps to mitigate the risk. Skybox Security is the most innovative company in this space.”

Technical Threat Management is defined as the complete process of understanding threats, managing vulnerabilities, limiting the damage from attacks, and applying patches to the target systems. The report was driven by Forrester clients as a Client Choice research topic. The report aims to help enterprises with the challenge of narrowing down a few vendors from the 200 products addressing the emerging space.

In conclusion, the report warned that mega worms could spread so fast that there is no time for enterprises to make or enforce a plan. Therefore, planning ahead can save a lot of time and money. “Most tools don’t solve the real problem. Watch for tools that will help [enterprises] to assess risk and determine the exposure of the network to various attacks,” concluded Hunt.

“We applaud Forrester for undertaking this insightful overview of threat management best practices and helping enterprises ask the hard questions about managing and mitigating threats to before an attack. The results of this report mirror what we are hearing from some of the largest financial and government institutions in the world as they plan, deploy and gain operational efficiency with SkyboxR View. We are honored to be recognized for solving a significant problem by these highly respected analysts,” said Gidi Cohen, CEO of Skybox Security.

About Skybox Security
SkyboxR Security, Inc. is the leader of next-generation Security Risk Management (SRM) solutions. The company’s flagship product, SkyboxR View, is the first enterprise software platform that raises vulnerability assessment, threat analysis, remediation planning, and change management to the business risk level where it belongs. By combining business impact analysis and simulation with vulnerability data and network modeling, enterprises can continuously maintain risk-resilient networks, reduce regulatory compliance exposures, and shrink the window of exposure from months to hours.

With Skybox View, security professionals can take a disciplined approach to measure business risk exposure, understand effectiveness of remediation alternatives, justify mitigation efforts (ROI), and minimize damage from attacks while lowering operating cost. By enhancing current best practices and internal controls with automated risk management analysis, the security, network and business units can work more effectively as a team. Skybox solutions have been successfully deployed at highly respected Global 2000 companies worldwide.

Founded in 2002, the company is headquartered in Palo Alto, California and is backed by Benchmark Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Carmel Ventures, and Mofet Technology Fund. For more information contact (650) 565-8060 or

About Skybox View
SkyboxR View automates labor-intensive risk assessment and remediation planning processes. Skybox View helps enterprises continuously collect, identify, visualize and understand the total risk exposure of digital assets and proactively prioritize and optimize the mitigation steps necessary to prevent internal and external attacks. It represents the missing piece for assessing, evaluating and mitigating pre-attack exposures, taking network information and business impact into account. Unique patented modeling and attack simulation technologies generate a virtual map of business asset exposures distilling thousands of vulnerabilities down to the one to two percent that really matter. ‘What If’ planning analysis puts security, network and business teams on the same page empowering IT organizations to balance the cost and benefit of proposed remediation, network changes or patches before deployment. Open collection architecture leverages existing and future investments in firewall, router, network and vulnerability scanner technologies.

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