Aloaha Has Introduced Free SPF Module in its POP3 and SINK Connector

Aloaha, a Madrid, SPAIN-based email protection organization, has begun shipping free versions of the SPF (Sender Policy Framework) as well as a POP3 Connector as part of its larger AntiSPAM Framework which is able to protect basically all Windows based Mailserver. To get the freeware modules, companies must download the free, 30-day trial version of Aloaha. However, modules like SPF, RBL Lists will continue to be fully operational for free even if no licenses are being purchased after 30 days.

Aloaha and its Modules work on every Windows based Mailserver such as Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and iMail. Due to its innovative transparent proxy design Aloaha rejects SPAM before it affects the SMTP Server. Optional the customer can also opt to use it as a SINK Plug-in in Microsoft Exchange or Internet Information Server. According to Aloaha CEO Frank Hellmann, Aloaha includes a number of anti-spam features in addition to the SPF and other DNS based modules. For example, incoming emails are checked against Active Directory or other Databases if the recipient exists in the organization. Aloaha brings along also other innovative technologies like relaxed greylisting to the Mailserver.

“With thousands of downloads we will contribute our share to help to stop the global SPAM Problem” Hellmann said. “Of course we hope that some of these downloads actually will become paid installations” he added later.

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