Vircom Releases Highly Anticipated Fourth-Generation Modus Technology

, October 22, 2004 ‘ Vircom Inc., leading developer of email security and authentication solutions, announced today the release of its fourth-generation Modus’ technology. The unique multilayered technology is now available on all solutions in the Modus product line, which includes ModusGate, ModusMail, ModusBlockade and the new ModusGate Appliance.

Enhanced security features
Among the key security features of Modus4 is Sender Policy Framework (SPF), a validation process that green-lights senders by verifying a match between the domain name in the ‘From’ address and a message’s Internet Protocol. Without a match, the sender cannot be validated and the message is automatically rejected. Sender validation is a necessary and effective tool for preventing spoofing and phising attempts, which are on the rise and carry harsh consequences for the corporate and individual victims of these underhanded tactics.

Another important feature is Modus4’s new statistics monitoring module, which records filtering behaviour at the server, domain and mailbox levels. At any time, end users and administrators can access email statistics, which are plotted per day, week and month.

‘The statistics module allows end users to consult their personal mailbox history, while administrators can track all messages at the server, domain or mailbox level,’ explained Michael Gaudette, Modus product manager. ‘Detailed records of all emails scanned and stored enable system administrators to make informed decisions about network security based on documented trends in spam and other email-borne threats.’

A global solution
‘Modus4 is a mature, comprehensive technology ideal for security-conscious organizations with high-availability requirements,’ said Sylvain Durocher, president and founder of Vircom. ‘This latest release contains our most extensive feature set to date and offers unmatched delegation options and user control. The release of Modus4 further demonstrates Vircom’s ongoing commitment to developing new and improved ways to secure email networks.’

Additional Modus4 benefits
· Redesigned, sleeker web console for greater usability and control
· Customizable interface for ultimate personalization of web features
· Vircom support interface for easy access to customer support directly from the administration console

To order
Modus solutions are available through Vircom Europe’s partners (, Vircom Europe’s sales department at +32 10-48.35.04, or by email at

About Vircom
Montreal-based Vircom is a leading developer of cutting-edge Internet infrastructure and secure messaging solutions for the demanding needs of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and corporate clients. Vircom’s mature Modus’ secure email management technology incorporates over 10 years of industry expertise, making it a powerful driving force in the defense against spam and email-borne fraud. Rated ‘Best Windows-based Anti-Spam Solution’ by Network Computing and named a ‘2004 Recommended’ product by SC Magazine, Modus has gained important industry recognition, including a record-breaking five-award distinction from Windows IT Pro magazine.

Present in Europe since 2003, Vircom Europe has distribution agreements for its Modus anti-spam products with a network of managed security service providers, value-added distributors and resellers in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey.

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