Syhunt Unveils New Version of All-In-One Web Security Product

Rio de Janeiro – October 27, 2004 — Syhunt today announced the release of the Platinum Edition of the Sandcat Suite product. The product is a key component of Syhunt Web Application Security Solutions, which are designed to help companies ensure that they are in compliance with OWASP Top 10 2004 by assessing the state of their web server’s security.

The suite combines a web security scanner, spider, log analysis tool, web security hardening tool, and a extensive database with thousands of security checks for all leading web server platforms. It scans for SANS Top 20 and OWASP Top 20 2004 vulnerabilities, and automatically detects, reports and addresses outdated server software, closing up the web server even more to vulnerabilities.

“Syhunt offers a complete suite with regards to web server security. Most tools only analyze the server from a single perspective. No so with Syhunt.”, said Paul Woroshow, vice-president of Expert Systems Resources Inc., a reseller and user of Syhunt’s Sandcat Platinum Suite. “The various tools in the suite not only analyze traditional vulnerabilities but also look at application security, proper setup of configuration files, danger signs via logs and so. An exceedingly comprehensive review and audit.”

The tools are built with the flexibility to cover multiple web server platforms. An assessment tool designed specifically for Apache and PHP platforms is also available. The Syhunt solution include the following components:

– Sandcat Scanner: security scanning of web server platforms, Top 20 Scan (scans for SANS Top Twenty vulnerabilities), IDS testing, false positive filtering, automatic discovery and analysis of the server’s configuration
– Sandcat Miner: recursive mapping of all the web server’s content and scanning of the content for threats (scans web servers for OWASP Top 10 2004 vulnerabilities)
– Sandcat Log Analyzer: examination of web server logs with close to 26,000 security checks, and heuristic analysis of web server logs to detect new attacks
– Sandcat Web Security Hardening: examination of the web server’s security configuration, and heuristic analysis of the web server’s configuration files to detect security configuration errors

Additionally, the solution includes a baseline security scanning feature that helps ensure security against outdated server software. Syhunt’s Sandcat Platinum Suite is compliant with CVE and OWASP standards.

About Syhunt
Syhunt Security, a digital security company based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is a leading provider of web application security solutions and has built the first all-in-one web security solution. Today companies from more than 26 countries are Syhunt customers. Syhunt offers its array of tools to meet the web security needs of any company from large corporations to small businesses.

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