Lucid Security, NCS Technologies Announce OEM Partnership

PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 13, 2004—Lucid Security, the leading innovator of intrusion prevention software, today announced it has entered into a strategic OEM partnership with NCS Technologies for large-scale production of Lucid’s industry-acclaimed ipAngel X3 appliance. Under the agreement, Lucid and NCS will provide a pre-configured, fully integrated plug-and-play appliance solution developed to meet the growing network requirements of small, medium and large businesses.

ipAngel X3 is the first intrusion prevention product to integrate traditional intrusion prevention technology with vulnerability assessment, transparent (Layer 2) firewalling and multi-vector correlation (correlating vulnerability data, access control rules, & attack rules) in one interoperable platform using its patented Adaptive Intelligence process.

The ipAngel X3 family is comprised of three highly scalable, reliable and deployable models: AVS-100, AVS-400 and AVS-1000. All three appliances feature an easy-to-operate LCD panel, run hardened Linux operating system and are configured with add-on fail over bypass PCI Network cards for higher availability. Additional hardware features and pricing include:

– The AVS100 is packaged in a mini 1U rack-mountable form-factor and features an entry level Intel Celeron processor. Pricing starts at $7,000 for the appliance, and a $1,500 annual subscription.
– The AVS400 features a fast medium class Intel Pentium 4 processor and is designed in a full size 1U rack-mountable form-factor. Pricing starts at $15,000 for the appliance, and a $3,000 annual subscription.
– The AVS1000 incorporates dual Intel Xeon EM64T processors, dual redundant power supplies and a pair of mirrored hard drives in a 2U rack-mountable form-factor and is designed to sustain gigabit throughput. Pricing starts at $28,000, and a $5,000 annual subscription.

“Through this important OEM relationship, Lucid is able to partner with a world-class hardware provider to deliver ipAngel X3, the most effective intrusion prevention appliance in the market,” said Jonathan Palmer, chairman and chief executive officer, Lucid Security Corporation. “NCS brings to the table strong industry experience and exposure, and we look forward to expanding our market penetration through this agreement.”

“Together, NCS Technologies and Lucid Security share a common commitment to bring customers the most cost-effective unified solutions,” said Pranay Prakash, executive director of OEM servers and appliances for NCS Technologies. “We are honored to build the appliance products for Lucid Security. Since this relationship was formed, NCS Technologies has continued to innovate and deliver market-leading technology to best serve its customers. Our company has committed significant engineering and development resources in direct response to production of Lucid’s ipAngel X3 software appliance.”

About NCS Technologies, Inc.

NCS Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of Windows?, Linux- and BSD based hardware solutions suitable for all types of enterprise technology needs. Its products include robust workstations, mobile solutions, rack mount and pedestal departmental servers and internet appliance platforms. The company’s rock-solid products are available in a range of built-to-order configurations, and are supplied to government, educational and commercial clients. Visit: for general information and to learn more about NCS’ server appliance program. NCS can be reached at (703) 621-1700.

About Lucid Security, Inc.

Lucid Security is the leading innovator of Intrusion Prevention software technology. Based in Ambler, Pa., Lucid’s ipANGEL- software last year was voted Best Emerging Technology by the editors of Information Security Magazine. ipANGELis the industry’s first real-time Adaptive Intelligence intrusion prevention system. Adaptive Intelligenceintegrates vulnerability assessment and intrusion detection technologies to create a real-time, self-tuning intrusion prevention software solution designed to drastically increase security and eliminate the time required for maintenance. To learn more visit

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