CXL Secures Your Mid-Range Systems Using Non-Intrusive PC Based Review Software To Secure Your Unix, OS/400 And OpenVMS Computers

London, England. January 11th 2005 : CXL today announced AZScan, a PC based application providing cross-platform security reviews for Unix, OS/400 and OpenVMS systems.

Operating system security at the mid-range system level continues to be a top priority for many companies today. In response, CXL developed AZScan, an application for reviewing these systems, quickly and without disruption to the live system. Because CXL’s AZScan runs on an independent, standalone PC it cannot interfere with the mid-range systems. There is no software to load onto the system simply copy two or three key files onto the Windows PC and AZScan produces the detailed security reports in text, Word or HTML format.

?Our aim has been to produce a simple to use product which will find your security issues, explain the implications of these problems and recommend solutions. All this is done in the context of your security policy and the many regulatory conditions which are now imposed on business. said David Robinson, CEO of CXL. With the 90+ versions of Unix we cover and the OS400 and OpenVMS systems reviews, we believe that we are able to secure most of the non-Microsoft operating systems in use today. This software enables us to bring CXL’s advanced security management to new users, who will now be able to effectively identify and resolve security risks before they become incidents.

About CXL Ltd.

CXL Ltd is a UK based company specializing in the development of software for security management of mid-range systems. The company works with consultants, large enterprises and managed security service providers (MSSPs) to help them increase the security of their operations and improve compliance with security policies.

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