Anfibia Announces Watchman 6.1, Keep Systems Safe From Unauthorized Eyes

BARCELONA, SP February 15, 2005 – Anfibia proudly announces Watchman 6.1, the ultimate access control tool. Watchman keeps an eye on your files, monitors and restricts unwanted software and sets access rules. Featuring a revamped interface, optimized resources, and a new security engine, among many others. Watchman is now the tool of choice for protecting your system in a reliable way.

Watchman protects your system from intrusive users. With a user-friendly interface that makes it a breeze to set up and monitor what’s happening. Powerful, yet not overly complicated, Watchman is a great choice for a variety of users.

Main Features:
– Stop software installation
– Stop unwanted applications, like file-sharing tools, chat programs, anything.
– Protect access to system settings
– Monitor software usage
– Protect files and documents from tampering
– Take specific actions when applications are executed

Install and forget about it. Watchman runs silently in the background, keeping your system safe from unauthorized eyes at all times.

For additional information (or sample, copy or demo), contact: Juan Rodriguez (Sales Manager)

Download the free evaluation version from
Single Licenses at 45.00(Euro). Volume discounts available.

About Anfibia

Anfibia develops high-quality security software for individuals, businesses and institutions since 1997. Our award-winning products are both robust and accessible. Creative solutions that are easy to use yet powerful enough for most demanding needs.

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