California State University, Fullerton, Launches Major Research Project About Biometric Identity and Access Management

realtime North America, Inc. ( announced that its award-winning bioLock software has been installed at California State University, Fullerton, to conduct extensive research and create white papers about the award-winning biometric identity management system bioLock…

Professor Paul Sheldon Foote, Ph.D. came across bioLock a year ago and made the decision to implement the technology at CSUF to conduct research and studies about biometrics. Professor Foote is well respected in the community of users of SAP solutions and is committed to educate the industry about a fast-growing threat – IT security. According to Sans Institute, the fastest-growing tool for 2005 will be Identity and Access Management. realtime’s bioLock is taking Identity and Access Management to a revolutionary new level:

bioLock can restrict the logon (security level I), every transaction (level II), and any fields or info types (level III). Independent from the SAP? solution user, bioLock will uniquely identify the “actual user” and log his or her activities in the standard SAP log file. With this unique identity management solution for SAP solutions, one now has proof who did what and when within the system independently from the user that signed on to the system. Persons in critical departments such as finance, HR, IT, production, management, and other selected employees handling sensitive data are equipped with bioLock to protect the company from fraud and help them to comply with mandatory regulations. bioLock will guarantee more accurate audits and will help to comply with critical regulatory mandates such as the California Act, HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley. Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act requires certifying that companies have established and maintained internal controls and will assess and audit their systems’ effectiveness annually. With bioLock, the management will always know who has accessed critical information or who was denied trying to perform critical tasks without permission in the SAP solution.

bioLock is used at the university with biometric keyboards from Cherry Electrical Products. Cherry’s keyboards come with fingerprint sensors and/or smart-card readers for efficient protection and possible two-way authentication. Curtis Williams, SAP Administrator, and Professor Vijay Karan – both of CSUF – will be presenting the bioLock technology at the SAP Curriculum Congress in Atlanta in March. After the SAP Curriculum Congress, Williams and Karan plan to work with Professors Malini Krishnamurthi and Paul Sheldon Foote on research projects and on papers for presentations at conferences. In addition to publishing articles in this field, these researchers plan to develop classroom materials to benefit students at CSUF and at other universities.

Thomas Neudenberger, COO of realtime North America, Inc. states: “Everybody is concerned about viruses, but the theft of proprietary information is causing 2.5 times the damage! We are pleased to see that companies are realizing the seriousness of this threat and are taking the appropriate actions.”

realtime is a member of the SAP Software Partner Program with certified integrations to SAP solutions. The SAP Public Sector group has presented realtime’s bioLock at the last two SAPPHIRE? conferences, and its sales engineers are equipped with biometric hardware devices to demonstrate the technology to customers. A complete technology presentation is available at and customized presentations can be scheduled via the Internet.

About California State University, Fullerton:

As a university with a global outlook, Cal State Fullerton has established international agreements with 45 colleges and universities throughout the world. The CSUF fall 2004 census tallied 1,465 international students representing 85 nations and 4 percent of the university’s student population. CSF is located in Orange County, a technologically rich and culturally vibrant area of metropolitan Los Angeles. Their expertise and diversity serves as a distinctive resource and catalyst for partnerships with public and private organizations. They strive to be a center of activity essential to the intellectual, cultural, and economic development. For questions on the project or to participate in the research, contact Dr. Foote by phone at +1-714-278-2682 or e-mail,

About realtime:

realtime was established in Europe by former senior SAP employees in 1986, with an emphasis on innovative, inexpensive, and convenient solutions for access control, authorization profile management, expert consulting, and advanced security to include biometrics. realtime has a client base of over 200 “Fortune Global 500” customers in Europe and in North America, including the U.S. Army, Bayer, DaimlerChrysler, Siemens, Toyota, Esso, Procter & Gamble, DuPont, Black & Decker, Nestle and others.

Brevard County Government won the prestigious InfoWorld 100 Award in 2003 using bioLock to comply with HIPAA. realtime has supports clients with both consulting services and software solutions. In addition to bioLock, realtime has over 150 clients using its other popular software solutions such as APM to manage and audit access to protected areas within SAP solutions.

For more information about realtime, bioLock, and other solutions designed for SAP solutions, see, and

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