FierceVoIP Winner Edgewater Set to Make Mark in Europe

London, UK – 28th February 2005 – Edgewater Networks, Inc., the leader in Application-Aware Networkingâ„?, today announced that it has signed an exclusive agreement with Zycko to support its expansion into the European marketplace. Zycko, the leading global distributor of networking, storage and server accessories, will resell Edgewater’s portfolio of application-aware networking products consisting of EdgeMarcâ„?, EdgeProtectâ„? and EdgeViewâ„?.

The Edgewater products are the first appliances to open up business class VoIP to the whole enterprise market from the SME to the multinational. It is the first device to bundle everything needed for secure and reliable VoIP into one box. This includes a router, NAT server, VoIP aware voice and data firewall, VoIP proxy, traffic shaper, DHCP server, test tools, call quality monitoring and remote site survivability.

The appliances harness data and voice convergence giving the cost benefit of IP based telephony whilst maintaining PSTN quality of service. The tightly integrated systems produce as much as a 75% saving on the initial capital equipment purchases of alternative approaches. It is not just the price point that is very attractive; the appliance reduces the initial and ongoing level of skills and management overhead required.

The device also increases the availability and security, as behind one IP address, there can be many private devices hidden by the NAT server and protected from network based attacks by the VoIP aware firewall.

“Edgewater has developed a world class solution that makes the deployment of real-time communications over IP easier, less expensive and more secure,” said Rory Sweet, Chief Executive Officer of Zycko. “At last, business class quality calls at IP rates. Users save on installation, save on calls and save on management costs. IP telephony couldn’t be easier or more cost-effective.”

“Zycko has a terrific reputation with a history of providing industry leading solutions and we are very pleased about this partnership,” said Dave Norman, Chief Executive Officer of Edgewater. “We chose Zycko to spearhead our expansion into Europe because of their technical expertise, commitment to customer service and experience in converged networking.”

EdgeMarc Series appliances are all-in-one access routers that simplify the installation and maintenance of converged voice, video and data networks. They provide a voice and video aware NAT/firewall, bandwidth management to ensure high quality voice and video, call quality monitoring, VoIP call admission control and VoIP survivability.

EdgeProtect session border controllers are deployed at the network operations centre to protect critical VoIP infrastructure from network based attacks and provide NAT/Firewall traversal to extend the reach of VoIP services.

The EdgeView network management system provides network operators with unprecedented visibility into the call quality performance of their network. Working in combination with EdgeMarc appliances, EdgeView provides detailed call quality statistics and diagnostic tools to quickly identify networking issues that negatively impact call quality.

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About Edgewater Networks, Inc.

Edgewater Networks is a global leader in Application-Aware Networkingâ„? solutions that ensure the secure and reliable delivery of real-time, IP based communications. It was honoured by FierceVoIP ( as one of the “Fierce 15” emerging Internet Telephony Firms of the Year in 2004.

EdgeMarc Series appliances provide a SIP, MGCP or H.323 VoIP aware NAT/Firewall, VoIP survivability, passive call quality monitoring and powerful but easy-to-use traffic management that ensures high quality voice and video. EdgeProtect Series session border controllers protect critical voice and video infrastructure elements from network based attacks and extend the reach of voice and video services. For more information please visit the company’s website at

About Zycko

Zycko is a global specialty distributor of networking, storage, security and communications products. ‘The Zycko Proposition’ has been a major factor in Zycko’s success. For vendors, Zycko acts as an indirect sales channel, allowing use of its sales force, technical capabilities, logistics services and breadth of customer relationships to cost-effectively distribute vendors’ networking and communications products. For customers, Zycko provides technical expertise, sales support and services, training, marketing programs, logistics services and a conduit to leading technology vendors. Zycko has a global distribution presence with sales of $100m throughout the Americas, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa and is comprised of individual operations organised around primary vendors under the Zycko and Simian Support brands. For more information, visit or call +44 (0)1285 868 500.

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