GreenBorder Delivers Innovative Web Security Software that Makes Microsoft Internet Explorer Safe to Use

Mountain View, CA- March 22, 2005 – GreenBorder Technologies, Inc., today announced its launch, customer deployment and signing of resellers for the market’s first solution for making MicrosoftR Internet ExplorerR (IE) and Microsoft OutlookR safe to use. The GreenBorder family of software addresses one of the key business issues facing organizations today: how to use IE without the risk of contaminating the desktop, impeding access to crucial resources, driving up costs, or having to migrate to another browser. GreenBorder provides truly continuous protection against damage, theft, and hijacking by all forms of Internet-delivered malicious code – known and unknown, current and future – that can attack PCs whenever users browse the Web or read email from outside the enterprise.

With GreenBorder, users can safely go to any Web site, read any email or attachment, and use any downloaded file without worry, in the office or on the road. Users have full, unimpeded access to all Internet resources while spyware, trojans, viruses, worms as well as new morphing or blended attacks are prevented from breaking into the desktop and from there into enterprise servers. GreenBorder enables organizations to keep using IE and stop malware from stealing files, eliminate helpdesk costs associated with repairing infested systems, avoid loss of productivity due to contamination or denial of service, and prevent attacks on servers from being launched from compromised desktops.

GreenBorder Protects Confidentiality, Dramatically Cuts Helpdesk Costs for Customers
“With over 400 users requiring unfettered access to the Internet, we were constantly having to battle spyware and malware that could expose confidential data and create liability due to unintentionally downloaded or unauthorized applications – a problem that anti-virus and spyware applications don’t even address,” said Anthony Shields, Systems Administrator at The Epstein School. “Not only does GreenBorder’s approach protect the privacy of our users and ensure that we are protected against future threats – it has eliminated the huge resource drain that had been devoted to cleaning up desktops. The time we will save in the first year alone will more than pay for our investment.”

GreenBorder’s patent-pending Intelligent Security Application Barrier (ISAB) creates a protective barrier around the operating system, users’ files and the enterprise network that is transparent to users, but keeps Internet content isolated. It requires no scanning of content, identification of malicious code, updates during outbreaks, or user training. It enables GreenBorder to protect desktops reliably even in the face of sophisticated, rapidly-evolving attacks that are undetectable by signature- and behavior-based approaches. When users log off, GreenBorder automatically flushes the remnants of any Internet activity, including code, files and cookies. The effectiveness of GreenBorder’s solution has been demonstrated by a rigorous product evaluation performed by leading independent test lab KeyLabs (see separate announcement released today). A full copy of KeyLabs’ security assessment report can be found at

Resellers Address Pressing Customer Need with Differentiated Solution “One of the key concerns we are seeing throughout our customer base is the need to reduce the security vulnerabilities and costs associated with Web browsing and email without impacting productivity,” said Zachary Schuler, President of Cal Net Technology Group, a GreenBorder reseller. “GreenBorder offers a unique and extremely clever approach that enables us to address this top-of-mind issue easily and cost-effectively. We’re very excited to be working with GreenBorder to bring their solution to our installed base.”

The GreenBorder product family includes:
* GreenBorder Professional Edition – A comprehensive solution for the enterprise and mid-tier that is available through the company’s network of resellers, this extensible platform consists of a desktop agent that protects all Internet activities performed through IE and Outlook as well as a management server that provides centralized configuration, deployment and reporting.
* GreenBorder Personal Edition – Available free for download from, this standalone package for individual professional and power users protects all Web browsing through IE. This version may also be used by businesses for 30 days to test drive the GreenBorder solution.

Innovative Approach Makes IE Safe to Use Now and Complements Direction for IE 7.0

GreenBorder makes IE safe to use today and complements Microsoft’s focus on making Internet Explorer more secure. GreenBorder ensures that users can’t be harmed by malicious code – no matter where it lurks, now or in the future – while the anti-phishing and increased lockdown capabilities of IE 7.0 will help users avoid being tricked by malicious sites. GreenBorder also provides protection beyond the browser, defending against exploits that attack the programs used with IE and Outlook – including ActiveX controls, streaming media players, PDF file viewers, utilities such WinZip, and applications such as Microsoft Office.

GreenBorder’s lightweight desktop security agent runs on Windows XP Professional and Windows 2000 Professional client PCs. It works over LANs, WANs, and VPNs to provide automatic, continuous protection that is transparent and requires no user training. GreenBorder’s management server runs on Windows Server 2003 and on Windows 2000 Server. It provides an easy-to-use graphical interface for configuring groups of desktop systems and integrates with enterprises’ existing infrastructure (such as Active Directory) to simplify deployment, particularly in large environments. Its “set and forget” administration does not require updates or patches during attacks.

“GreenBorder’s proactive, always-on protection against malicious code is fundamentally more effective than reactive, detection-based approaches,” said Drew Hoffman, president and chief executive officer of GreenBorder. “The increasingly-virulent nature of threats that target IE and Outlook is driving demand for solutions that cut the risks and costs associated with using the Web and email. GreenBorder enables resellers to offer a unique and innovative solution that is easy for them to sell and easy for their customers to use.”

Pricing and Availability
GreenBorder Professional Edition is available now through GreenBorder’s network of resellers. The suggested retail price starts at $59.95 per seat for IE protection, $24.95 per seat for Outlook protection, and $9.95 per seat plus $4995 per server for the centralized configuration and reporting server. Volume discounts are available. In addition, GreenBorder offers a special bundle for the mid-tier that combines protection for IE and Outlook with the centralized management server for a suggested retail price starting at $1995 for 25 seats.

GreenBorder Personal Edition offers IE protection for non-commercial users, and will be free for individual download starting in early April 2005.

About GreenBorder
GreenBorder offers security solutions that protect desktops and enterprise systems against damage, theft and hijacking from Internet-based threats. GreenBorder Professional Edition, available through the company’s network of resellers, is the industry’s first solution for truly making MicrosoftR Internet Explorer and OutlookR safe to use. GreenBorder Personal Edition, which will be available in early April 2005 as a free download from, protects individual users while they browse the Web. GreenBorder’s products are built upon the company’s patent-pending Intelligent Security Application Barrier (ISAB). This extensible platform provides continuous “zero instant” protection against all threats – known and unknown, current and future – without the hassles of signatures, patches or updates.

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