Router Protection is the Next Step in Network Security and DeepNines Leads the Way

DALLAS — March 22, 2005 — DeepNines Technologies, the only company capable of protecting networks from in front of the router, has pioneered the strategic approach to safeguard and protect networks by placing a comprehensive integrated security platform in front of the router. DeepNines has been developing and deploying their unique IPS technology for more than four years, all while consistently educating the industry on the need for this type of protection.

As validation of DeepNines security strategy, Cisco Systems, the market’s leading producer of routers, announced on February 14, 2005 they will also be approaching network security with the same view by integrating intrusion prevention functionality into the IOS of their router products to stop network vulnerabilities before the main network entry point – the router.

“From the beginning, our vision was geared towards securing an organization’s most valuable asset, the network, and the necessity to protect the front doorstep of the network by securing the router. We’ve always known that this was the logical location for a security solution,” said Dan Jackson, president and COO of DeepNines Technologies. “In our view, this move by Cisco validates to the market that routers are vulnerable. We are pleased to have Cisco begin to address this need in the market that we have been evangelizing for over four years.”

The DeepNines Security Edge Platformâ„?, which is in use at major organizations around the globe, sits invisibly outside of the router and offers deep packet inspection and scanning and inspection of network traffic for both known and unknown attacks to block malicious traffic from entering an organization’s network. In addition, the system provides best-of-breed secure content management including anti-virus, anti-spam and content filtering, and captures all network traffic for regulatory, legislative and forensic reporting requirements.

In late spring, DeepNines will be announcing additional product offerings and enhancements to their existing Security Edge Platform. The company will be delivering further market offerings targeted at small to mid-tier organizations along with additional solutions for large enterprises.

About Deep Nines, Inc.
DeepNines® offers a scalable security platform for Global 2000 companies with a vertical market focus in education, government, telecommunications, energy and financial services. The DeepNines Security Edge Platformâ„? integrates intelligent firewall, intrusion prevention, best-of-breed secure content management, forensics and reporting. It operates outside the network infrastructure, improving organizations’ security “deep into the nines.” DeepNines’ Security Edge Platform, the company’s patent-pending security system, is a fully automated signature and behavior-based intrusion prevention and traffic management system preventing known and unknown attacks from entering an organization’s network. The Security Edge Platform runs on Solaris and Linux platforms from Sun Microsystems. To learn more about Deep Nines visit

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