Elemental Delivers Security Compliance Management Products For Safe Harbor’s DoD And Federal Agency Customers

ORLANDO, Fla. – April 5, 2005 – Elemental Security, Inc., a company pioneering new technology in enterprise information security, today announced that Safe Harbor Systems is offering Elemental’s next-generation security compliance management product – the Elemental Compliance System?” – as a best-of-breed solution for improved security and reporting of compliance to regulatory guidelines for its Federal government customers.

Safe Harbor Systems is a boutique information security and systems integration firm providing reliable, stable and secure IT infrastructure to numerous Department of Defense (DoD) and Federal Government clients. Safe Harbor evaluates and makes recommendations to customers for security vendors such as Elemental. Powered with the Elemental Compliance System, these customers will have unified visibility and control of all machines on their networks, enabling them to more quickly and cost effectively satisfy internal and regulatory compliance requirements, all the while measurably improving their security.

“We identified Elemental’s product as a needed technology for our customers, in terms of security policy and compliance management,” said Keith Filzen, CTO at Safe Harbor Systems. “Elemental codifies written policy, and its monitoring and reporting capabilities are very differentiated. No other products we’ve seen can do as well as Elemental can in reporting events and enforcing policies across large, heterogeneous networks where change is a constant.”

Safe Harbor identifies technology that its many DoD and Federal government customers can utilize to better serve their military and other customers.

“All of our customers have to audit and inventory their systems and ensure that they’ve met Federal guidelines of security,” said Filzen. “In proving compliance, especially ad-hoc reporting, they typically have to impact development and production environments, thus adversely affecting missions. With Elemental, they can easily look at the network to identify any problems, and in near real-time know the issues that have to be addressed. Elemental’s ability to influence network access based on policy and individual system configuration is very interesting and important, as well.”

Elemental delivers the world’s only product that unifies policy management, host configuration and network access control in one seamlessly integrated offering. For the first time, enterprises can easily express cross-platform security policies that affect individual computers and their behavior on the network, gather meaningful up-to-date information to compare to established metrics, and selectively enforce policies across a diverse, dynamic environment.

“Safe Harbor has a long history of working closely with Federal agencies to reduce the resources needed to implement successful IT programs, and we are pleased they’ve selected the Elemental Compliance System to implement security policy and compliance management,” said Mike Rogers, Elemental VP of Sales. “With Elemental, customers can realize the cost-saving benefits associated with up-to-date visibility and reporting, tied into a flexible, cross-platform framework for enforcement of policies toward compliance. Ultimately, with centralized management and control, Elemental helps organizations reduce their number of security incidents.”

Elemental helps organizations reduce exposure to risks by providing visibility and understanding of enterprises’ computing environments through continuous monitoring. The Elemental Compliance System also identifies and contains unauthorized machines on the network, and enforces required policies to ensure compliance. In addition, the solution reduces the cost of network and policy administration by dynamically grouping machines based on their attributes; and reduces the cost, frequency and effort involved in internal and external audit exercises.

The Elemental Compliance System

The Elemental Compliance System is an enterprise security software solution that enables organizations to express, monitor, and enforce security policies for any computer connecting to the network. It is a client-server security system that provides broad visibility into all hosts in the enterprise and the means to control or contain them through auto-deployed security policies. The system consists of the Elemental server and Elemental agents running on workstations and server hosts throughout a network. Elemental’s architecture is unique in its ability to detect, monitor and control hosts with or without Elemental agents running on them.

About Elemental
Elemental Security is a pioneer in the Security Compliance Management market. Elemental’s products address enterprises’ need to centrally manage the security compliance of all computers in their environment. Elemental provides unified visibility and control to manage dynamic computing environments, enabling enterprises to satisfy compliance requirements and measurably improve their security. Founded in December 2002, Elemental is a privately held company backed by Bessemer Venture Partners, Mayfield and Sequoia Capital. The company is headquartered in San Mateo, Calif., and has regional offices throughout the U.S. Go to http://www.elementalsecurity.com for more information.

Elemental and the Elemental Compliance System are trademarks of Elemental Security, Inc.

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