Defence Plus 2.0: Unyielding Line of Defence against Hacker Intrusion

SoftSphere Technologies today announces the release of Defence Plus, the latest version of an anti-hacking software tool, previously known as Anti-Cracker Shield. The program is designed for anyone who wants to protect their computer from hacker intrusion through the security holes in Microsoft Windows. By eliminating stack- and heap-based buffer overflow vulnerabilities, Defence Plus stops hackers from infecting your computer with viruses, spyware and worms like Code Red or Sasser.

“Defence Plus works where traditional antivirus products fail,” said Ilya Rabinovich, CEO of SoftSphere Technologies. “Its purpose is to detect and stop buffer overflow attacks carried out by hackers who attempt to infiltrate your system. With Defence Plus, you will no longer fear that some unscrupulous parasite can steal your credit card numbers, read your documents, or install malicious software on your computer. The program provides maximum protection and minimum resource utilization.”

Defence Plus allows you to protect your entire system, including the operating system, its components and all software applications installed on the computer. Once, an intrusion-like process behaviour is detected, the program immediately blocks it and notifies the user with a sound. By double-clicking on the Defence Plus tray icon, you can view a detailed report on the blocked attack.

The program has a flexible security level customization for the full compatibility with the applications installed on your computer. Low, medium, high, and ultra security levels are available. By specifying an appropriate security level for each application, you ensure a high security preparedness of your system while keeping the number of misoperations down. A combination of Defence Plus, an antivirus and a firewall will provide you with the unyielding line of defence against all kinds of hacker attacks.

Defence Plus key features at a glance
– Complete protection against stack- and heap-based buffer overflow attacks;
– Protection of the entire system, including the OS and applications;
– Flexible security level customization for applications;
– Low resource utilization;

Availability and Pricing
Defence Plus is designed for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 and costs $39 (USD) for a single-user license. Discounts for volume buyers are also available. Registered customers are entitled to free updates and lifetime technical support. A 30-day fully-functional evaluation version of the program is available as a free download at ?Name=DEFENCEPLUS (425 Kb).

About SoftSphere Technologies
SoftSphere Technologies is a technology company based in Russia. The company was founded in 2003 by a group of software engineers. We specialize in security software development and software consulting. Our mission is to deliver quality anti-hacking software that can help our customers, large and small, address their security-related needs with a maximum efficiency. We proudly stand behind our products such as Defence Plus Server Edition, and Total Text Security. For more information, please visit

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