visNotes for Pocket PC – the encrypted memo for everyone

Taking personal or intimate notes on a Pocket PC is comfortable with visNotes by sfr.

The confidental records are protected by the approved visKey technology.

The user applies his favorite picture as a password query.If he marks up to eight spots on the picture in the right order – the visual password he defined before visNotes gets unlocked.

visNotes is available as Freeware and contains one memo sheet with 2.000 characters.Optionally additional sheets may be acquired by purchase to convert visNotes into a notepad.

Registered users may use up to 20.000 characters per memo.

The new version 2.0 of visNotes contains plenty of improvements and enhancements:

– VGA compatibility: Use brilliant pictures with up to 480 x 542 pixels (without scrollbars)
– Better support for Windows Mobile 2003 SE and landscape
– News user interface
– Text search
– Password generator
– Font, fontstyle and fontsize of the memos can be changed
– New click sound
– New default pictures
– Up to 2.000 characters per memo for freeware users
– Up to 20.000 characters per memo for registered users
– New capacity view per memo
– Cleartype font usable

visNotes may be downloaded for free.
visNotes 5+ costs EUR 7,95/ USD 8,79, visNotes 25+ costs EUR 12,95/ USD 14,33

Further information as well as the software documentation is to be found at

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