IMF Tune Whitelisting, Blacklisting and SCL Management to Beef Up the Exchange Intelligent Message Filter

Valletta, Malta – (Jun 28, 2005) – WinDeveloper announced the release of IMF Tune v2.5. The product further builds on the Exchange Intelligent Message Filter adding support for Whitelisting, Blacklisting and SCL Management. This update is free to IMF Tune v2.0 licensed users.

IMF Tune is generating great interest in the Exchange community. Alexander Zammit, the IMF Tune Technical Lead, explained how this contributed to identify the new functionality for this release. ìWe received many requests for more direct control on SCLs assigned to individual emails. This ranged from Whitelisting/Blacklisting, to the ability to increment/decrement SCL ratings based on email content.?®

Whitelists enable the identification of legitimate emails. The SCL rating assigned by IMF is overridden so as to ensure email delivery to the recipient Inbox. On the other hand, Blacklisting provides the counter measure to unfiltered SPAM. Just like any other SCL rating, handling of blacklisted emails is fully configurable. One can choose from rejecting, deleting, rerouting, archiving, logging or forcing delivery to the Junk Email folder.

SCL Management brings a completely new level of flexibility. It enables the searching of keywords so as to further control SCL ratings. On finding a match the current SCL may be incremented, decremented, or overridden by a new value. Setting up SCL increments or decrements enables the administrator to influence the final SCL rating. Overriding the current SCL gives the ability to specify exactly how you want an email to be handled.

Exchange organizations today are deploying the Intelligent Message Filter because of its proven filtering effectiveness. In his comments Alexander explained how IMF Tune is serving as a catalyst for more organizations to deploy the Intelligent Message Filter. ìOrganizations today can deploy IMF with the peace of mind that they won?­t need to switch to an entirely different solution at a later stage. Through IMF Tune, IMF can be taken that extra mile without any disruptions.?®

The IMF Tune configuration includes more improvements. With this update the administrative interface exposes the various Exchange System Manager anti-SPAM settings. This includes the Intelligent Message Filter settings and the various Exchange 2003 out-of-the-box options for connection, sender and recipient filtering. Alexander explained how administrators will benefit through this integration. ìWith IMF Tune you effectively have three processing layers: Exchange 2003 out-of-the-box filtering, IMF and IMF Tune. Bringing all settings together simplifies visualizing how the various settings will effect the system overall.?®

With this update WinDeveloper aims to deliver more value to its current user base. In fact this upgrade is free to all IMF Tune v2.0 users. ìWe are telling our clients that their investment in IMF Tune will be long lasting. The product pricing is already highly competitive. Through this and other upcoming updates we are adding value to make sure that the Intelligent Message Filter and IMF Tune become the number one anti-SPAM solution for Exchange 2003.?® said Stephanie Farrugia the Sales and Marketing Manager.

IMF Tune is priced per server starting from $298 for a single server. Multiple server licenses can further benefit from discounts. More information is available from the WinDeveloper web site at From here a 30 day free evaluation version is available for download.

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