AGAVA Software announces AGAVA AntispamServant

July 1, 2005 — AGAVA Software Company announces the availability of AGAVA AntispamServant. It is a trainable spam filter featuring message content analysis.

Apart from solving a number of problems common for all antispam programs, the spam filter AGAVA AntispamServant also presents new capabilities of spam protection. It is extremely easy to use, is characterized by high-speed and efficient operation, works with all e-mail clients, and does not require them to be specially adjusted. AGAVA AntispamServant supports POP3, IMAP, SMTP and automatically identifies and supports SSL-connections. How does AGAVA AntispamServant function:

– is used to recognize spam-messages
– marks the filtered out messages in the “Subject” line, which allows to move all spam messages to a separate folder and view them any time later instead of checking new received messages every minute.

AGAVA AntispamServant does not delete your e-mail messages. And thus, regular messages important for you will never be erroneously filtered away. AGAVA AntispamServant features individual spam filter adjustment, which allows to train the algorithm on spam message samples in your own mailbox. It also supports (manually and automatically) the whitelist of addresses you are corresponding with.

Other advantages of the program are that there are no restrictions on the number of mailboxes being filtered and that you can simultaneously use any other spam filters. AntispamServant is a major breakthrough in the field of spam control and presents great potential for further development of the spam protection system.

For additional information, contact:
Dmitry Lutsenko/ Project leader

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