Vircom launches first Windows- based email security appliance at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference

Vircom launches first Windows- based email security appliance at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference

New Windows-based appliance will appeal to Microsoft- centric channel partners for its integration with Exchange, customisability and feature richness

Paris, July 11 2005 – Vircom Inc., developer of secure email management solutions launches the first Windows-based email security appliance.

Comprehensive and robust email defence
The ModusGate appliance offers the best integration with Microsoft’s Exchange Server through its early threat defence technology that shields the Exchange servers from external attacks, rejecting or quarantining undeliverable and unwanted emails at the perimeter. The SCAâ„?, Vircom’s sophisticated content analysis technology, provides the benefits of both a predictive and a deterministic auto-updating anti-spam engine. ModusGate’s anti-phishing mechanism (including SPF) blocks identity theft and fraud attempts, preventing them from reaching end-users. To further validate email traffic reaching the Exchange server, ModusGate supports multiple third-party accreditation and authentication services.

Enforce, eliminate, encrypt – E³SMTP
ModusGate, as part of Vircom’s Modus family of solutions, offers a holistic approach to email security, securing both the email and its network environment with its E³SMTP method – Enforce, Eliminate and Encrypt. ModusGate enforces corporate policies with its customisable Sieve scripting engine, eliminates email-borne threats and annoyances like viruses, malwares, spam, fraud and harvesting attempts, and finally encrypts the communication channel to ensure privacy and regulatory compliance.

The ModusGate appliance brings email security to another level with its support for TLS encryption, allowing clients deploying it in an Exchange environment to benefit from complete secure email communication, from the end user through to the gateway, and to the remote recipient if the destination email server supports TLS.

Hardened OS
ModusGate’s high-level security is obtained through the use of a hardened version of Windows, locking the appliance’s operating system to be exclusively configured for email security, stripped down of any service unnecessary to email management. Not only does this make the appliance robust, but it also enables it to cloak the Exchange server to fully protect it from external threats.

Powerful administrative tools
ModusGate further benefits from its Windows compatibility with its ability to perform a forward look-up to the Exchange server and automatically populate its list of user mailboxes and aliases. This powerful feature also automatically populates email aliases in ModusGate and does not require any form of day-to-day maintenance. ModusGate is aware of the user account management done on the Exchange server and seamlessly inherits it without human intervention. This bears multiple advantages for the client, the most relevant of which is complete management of all email aliases through a single user account, thus eliminating multiple quarantines and administration hassles.

Targeting channel distributors and resellers
Exclusively designed for specialized Microsoft channel partners, the new ModusGate appliance is the ultimate email security solution for Windows environments. “Our new Windows-based ModusGate appliance is the logical choice for channel partners who cater to clients with Microsoft infrastructures” stated Ken Lemay, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Vircom. “Not only does it take full advantage of the Windows environment’s features, it also represents the best total cost of ownership and the only logical choice for Microsoft- centric end clients”.

See us at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference
This new delivery of Vircom’s acclaimed ModusGate will be unveiled for the first time at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Minneapolis on July 8-10, 2005. Units will be on display at the Vircom booth #536 and qualified experts will be on site to answer questions and make sales arrangements. Vircom will offer a free demo appliance through its “One to go, one to show” limited-time promotion for resellers who sign-up during the conference.

About Vircom
Montreal-based Vircom is a leading developer of secure email management and authentication solutions for the demanding needs of Internet Service Providers, the real estate industry, corporations and health care. Vircom’s mature Modusâ„? secure email management technology incorporates over 10 years of industry expertise, making it a powerful driving force in the defence against spam and email-borne fraud. Rated “Best Windows-based Anti-Spam Solution” by Network Computing and named a “2004 Recommended” product by SC Magazine, Modus has gained important industry recognition, including a record-breaking five-award distinction from Windows IT Pro magazine. Vircom is also the developer of VOP Radius, a full-featured all-in-one RADIUS server that supports the latest RFCs, vendor specific attributes, NAS templates and has a multitude of preconfigured settings.

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