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ROCKVILLE, MD, July 11, 2005 NFR Security, Inc., the leader in Real-Time Threat Protectionâ„?, today announced that QuickArrow, Inc. has selected NFR Security’s Sentivist intrusion prevention solution (IPS) to secure its Professional Services Automation (PSA) offering. Deployed in QuickArrow’s data center, Sentivist will be used as part of the company’s multi-layered defense strategy to secure the network supporting its PSA software, preventing intrusions, malicious insiders and dynamic threats.

As a provider of automation and management software for Billable Services Organizations, QuickArrow helps companies effectively manage and monitor the profitable delivery of professional services. With more than 180 clients and 14,000 users worldwide, QuickArrow’s PSA solution allows Billable Services Organizations to streamline their operations and have visibility into all key operational metrics. QuickArrow will utilize NFR Security’s award-winning Sentivist solution to help secure its PSA offering, as it works to expand its security infrastructure across the organization.

“Our business is experiencing tremendous growth and securing our network and our clients’ data is obviously a number one priority,” stated Kevin Bury, Vice President of QuickArrow, Inc. “After a thorough evaluation of a number of intrusion prevention solutions, we chose Sentivist because we felt it was the best match for our requirements, and it outperformed the competition in both capabilities and TCO. Sentivist not only provides our PSA offering with protection from multi-faceted network threats, but it also provides the right kind of scalability we need to support our aggressive growth plans.”

QuickArrow made the decision to move forward with NFR Security’s Sentivist intrusion prevention system based on its functionality, flexibility, scalability, competitive price and unique features. Specifically, QuickArrow was impressed with the Confidence Indexingâ„? feature within Sentivist which allows their security managers to calibrate the protection level needed, based on the severity of the attack and the detection of false positives.

“We are pleased that QuickArrow has deployed our trusted and powerful inline prevention system to secure their professional services software offerings,” said Andre Yee, president and CEO of NFR Security. “Having the highest level of network security and reliability is critical for QuickArrow’s business and operational goals. With Sentivist, QuickArrow can be confident that their network will remain secure with accurate, high performance network protection.”

NFR Security’s Intrusion Prevention System is part of the Sentivist Real-Time Threat Protectionâ„? product set that combines the speed organizations rely on with the accuracy many IPS devices lack. Sentivist utilizes situational intelligence to dynamically protect the network and keep up with the real-time threats that today’s networks constantly face. Sentivist provides immediate prevention of malicious threats without blocking legitimate traffic. In addition to Confidence Indexing, customizable signatures and minimal impact design are both unique features to NFR’s Sentivist.

About NFR Security, Inc.

NFR Security is the leading provider of network-based real time threat protection systems that secure business networks against the multi-faceted and sophisticated security threats of today. Uniquely combining its hybrid detection engine and Dynamic Shielding Architecture, NFR Security delivers highly accurate protection through inline prevention and automation against real time threats. NFR Security serve customers worldwide in corporate enterprises, government agencies, service providers and academic institutions through an extensive worldwide network of channel partners and direct sales. NFR Security is headquartered in Rockville, MD. Additional information about NFR Security can be found at www.nfr.com or by calling 1-800-234-4079.

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