Cross Platform Alternative to Exchange Fights Back

Kerio Technologies UK, a leading provider of Internet security and messaging software, introduces Kerio MailServer 6.1. The new version of this popular, cross platform messaging solution adds Sender Policy Framework (SPF) email domain authentication, new ‘Spam Repellent’ and a dual anti-virus scanning option to its existing arsenal of virus and spam-fighting tools. Designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, Kerio MailServer also simplifies email, contact and group calendar management to provide improved collaboration.

The new Spam Repellent feature effectively fights off both spam and viruses by inserting a delay in the SMTP handshake, which causes a virus or spam-sending zombie to give up the connection attempt. According to Joe Weisz, Channel Sales Manager for Kerio Technologies UK, “Our tests have shown that Spam Repellent effectively cuts 60 to 70% of spam and viruses before they reach the mail server. Best of all, there are minimal false positives because this technique does not affect legitimate email traffic.”

Kerio has also added dual anti-virus scanning so that mail administrators can use both the built-in McAfee Anti-virus and a third party anti-virus through a provided plug-in. Plug-ins are available for Symantec, Sophos, Grisoft AVG, Eset NOD 32, Computer Associates and for the newly added VisNetic Anti-virus.

“Harmful content in email is a problem that affects all size companies,” adds Joe Weisz, “The smallest businesses and schools do not have the same resources that enterprises have for fighting this. They deserve virus and spam-free email and collaboration to help them communicate more efficiently.”

With over 9,000 customers, Kerio MailServer is the mail server of choice for many smaller organisations looking to use a secure alternative to the other offerings, such Microsoft Exchange.

Martin Boyce, IT Manager for BPC Circuits, comments, “After encountering many difficulties and technical failures with MS Exchange I decided to find a 3rd party mail server which would provide a similar service without the technical issues. Kerio has proved to be a very competent mail server. One of the most useful things is the integration into our current Anti-virus solution and built-in Anti-spam facilities.”

Kerio MailServer 6.1 also reinforces its commitment to Mac OS X users with support for Tiger and the addition of synchronisation with Apple’s Address Book and iCal applications, as well as improved integration with Microsoft’s Entourage groupware client.

Dion Mack from The Bridge advertising agency confirms, “I needed a quick and highly secure solution to run on an OS X platform. Kerio MailServer is simply superb. It is quick and easy to configure. Stability is second to none. “

Price and availability Kerio MailServer 6.1 is available from Kerio partners across the UK and Ireland, starting at £279 for 20 users and from £499 with built-in McAfee Anti-virus. Kerio MailServer runs on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. Other products include Kerio WinRoute Firewall and Kerio ServerFirewall.

About Kerio Technologies UK Kerio Technologies UK is the Cambridge based UK subsidiary of Kerio Technologies Inc. The company provides Internet messaging and firewall software solutions for small to medium sized businesses, focusing on the secure delivery of network data. Kerio’s corporate headquarters are located in Santa Clara, California and technology partners include McAfee and Internet Security Systems.

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