F-Secure introduces advanced messaging security appliance for Small- and

The new F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway(tm) delivers the industry’s most
complete and effective security for e-mail. It combines a robust,
enterprise-class messaging platform with perimeter security, antispam,
antivirus, secure messaging and outbound content security capabilities in an
easy-to-deploy, hardened appliance.

The F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway X-Series appliance uses technology
from Proofpoint, Inc., the leader in large-enterprise messaging security
solutions. Together, F-Secure’s Anti-Virus and Proofpoint’s MLX(tm) machine
learning technology provide the industry’s best protection against any e-mail
borne threats.

“Many organisations are in serious difficulties with the increasing amount of
attacks via e-mail, spam, viruses, phising etc. F-Secure Messaging Security
Gateway provides an out-of-the-box, easy to use solution to their problems.
With this latest introduction we are able to offer an unparalleled solution
for email security”, says Risto Siilasmaa, CEO of F-Secure Corporation

“The number, frequency, and sophistication of threats such as spam, phishing,
spoofing, viruses, worms, blended threats, as well as compliance issues have
increased significantly over the past many years and will continue to do so,
” says Thomas Raschke, Program Manager for IDC’s European Security Products &
Strategies research. “F-Secure’s Messaging Security Gateway appliance
addresses the growing messaging security concerns in small- and medium-sized
business environments. This bodes well with the market opportunity as IDC
forecasts a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 54% in revenue terms and
62% in unit terms for the Western European messaging security appliance
market from 2004-2009.”

The X-Series appliance offers small and medium sized enterprises all the
right tools for complete messaging security:
Perimeter security: The integrated Email Firewall provides complete perimeter
security, defending against denial-of-service, directory harvest and other
forms of network-based attacks. The unique machine learning and SMTP traffic
control features constantly monitor connections at the IP address level,
looking for malicious activity. Malicious connections are automatically
blocked or throttled based on fully customizable mail traffic
policies-keeping networks and email users safe while preserving valuable
network bandwidth.

Virus protection: F-Secure’s award winning anti-virus technology provides the
industry’s most accurate protection against viruses. In antivirus, where
speed is of utmost importance, F-Secure maintains record response times and
sets the pace of development.

Spam detection: Unrivalled protection from spam and phishing attacks is
ensured by the advanced machine learning technology, which analyzes more than
200,000 structural and content attributes in every message to accurately
identify unwanted email.

Email policy enforcement: The included Content Compliance module makes it
easy for administrators to define and enforce email acceptable use policies.

Secure messaging support: The X-Series appliance supports digital
certificates and enables gateway-to-gateway secure transfer and receipt of
email using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) standard. The appliance also
supports optional authentication of senders and receivers via TLS.

A platform that maintains itself: The X-Series appliance provides a secure
runtime environment, fine-tuned for messaging applications. The industry
standard MTA makes the product more reliable than other appliances and the
product maintains itself as software and firmware components are
automatically kept up-to-date.

Ease to install and use: The X-Series features a small-enterprise optimized
administration interface and “plug and play” setup wizards that enable
installation in just minutes and minimize ongoing maintenance requirements.

The first X-Series appliance model, the X200, packages all these features in
a hardened, easy-to-install 1U rack-mount server that delivers performance
high enough to meet the needs of any SME installation with all spam, virus
and email policy features enabled.

The F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway model X200 will be generally
available in September 2005. For more information about the product, please
visit: www.f-secure.com

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