Upgrade Your Linksys Wireless Products with New SecureEasySetup Feature

Linksys announced it has begun shipping products with SecureEasySetup technology. The technology enables users to set up and add security to their wireless networks with a push of a button. Linksys is adding the SES feature to a number of products in its line of Wireless-G and Wireless-G with SpeedBooster products at no extra cost.

SecureEasySetup enables consumers to effortlessly establish their wireless networks and activate Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) security by simply pushing one button on the router and one button on the wireless device they want to attach to the network. Once the feature is activated, SES creates a secured, private connection between devices, automatically configures the network’s Service Set Identifier (SSID), and enables WPA security features. Automatic configuration eliminates the manual passphrase, or key, entry required by traditional setup for the enabling of WPA. Customers are no longer required to have experience configuring a network to create a wireless network, they can now simply push buttons to go wireless.

If you currently own one of the products from the list below, the SES feature can be added as a software button by simply downloading a firmware update.

  • Wireless-G Broadband Router – WRT54G (All Versions)
  • Wireless-G Broadband Router with SpeedBooster – WRT54GS (All Versions)
  • Wireless-G Notebook Adapter — WPC54G (All Versions except V2)
  • Wireless-G Notebook Adapter with SpeedBooster — WPC54GS (All Versions)
  • Wireless-G PCI Adapter — WMP54G (All Versions)
  • Wireless-G PCI Adapter with SpeedBooster – WMP54GS (All Versions)
  • Wireless-G USB Network Adapter — WUSB54G (All Versions)
  • Wireless-G USB Network Adapter with SpeedBooster — WUSB54GS (All Versions)

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