Fight Casino Spam Aims to Clean Up Gambling Spam Emails

(PRWEB) October 20, 2005 — Today a new service was launched to help combat the spread and use of unsolicited spam email from gambling related activities.

Fight Casino Spam is a Website which is advert free, and it begins today to collect and catalogue spam email reports from every spam sufferer across the globe.

The aim of FCS is to build up a list of spam originating emails, thereby creating a black list of emails which online gambling establishments can use.

This list can be used to filter out newsletters, spam mails and any other unsolicited senders, allowing gambling organisations to maintain their spam free operations.

It will also provide casinos with a white list of emails of people who do not want to receive gambling related spam of any sort.

FCS will begin populating its database with all the spam reports which it receives. Over time, this data will provide valuable information about which online gambling organisations are permitting spam marketing methods, and which organisations are responsible and keep their operations clean of spam marketers.

Eventually, FCS hopes to become the standard by which all gambling organisations abide by for email marketing. Sites which remain clean of spam for a certain period of time will be awarded the FCS seal of approval.

Hopefully players will see this as a valuable sign to look out for when they visit online gambling websites.

Initially this is aimed at highlighting those websites which facilitate gambling, however if the model proves to be successful, there is no reason why it should extend further to all gambling related sites, including portals and other gambling services.

If you are getting gambling related spam emails, forward your spam mails to our email address and it will be recorded into our database.

If you want to help this movement, take a look at

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