Last Quarter Sees Rapid and Aggressive Expansion of Cyber-Ark Software Resellers

24th October 2005 – Cyber-Ark Software Inc., the leader in Vaulting Technology(tm) for securely connecting enterprises, together with their distributor Noxs have taken on four high profile resellers to meet the rapid demand for their Vaulting Technology in the UK. Integralis, Peapod, Logicalis and Chameleon have all been signed up in the last three months to help deal with the number of large corporations and government bodies interested in providing “safe-havens” where sensitive data can be stored, shared, and managed within their enterprises.

Vaulting Technology, which was developed by a team of former Israeli Military engineers and security experts, has already captured the imagination of the corporate security world with over 150 of the Global 1000 companies deploying Cyber-Ark’s technology.

One of the key drivers behind the thirst for Cyber-Ark’s products has been the pressure to comply with new legislation and industry standards as well as the need to guarantee that sensitive information only reaches intended recipients and never gets into the wrong hands either internally or externally. Cyber-Ark’s Vaulting solutions provide a “safe-haven” where information is protected when shared or transmitted over the Internet between discrete enterprises or as a means of managing sensitive information within a single network. Inter-Business Vault(r) delivers a secure infrastructure for connecting enterprises to their partners, customers, and sub-contractors over the Internet whereby information such as source code or design documents can be exchanged securely. Network Vault(r) is a highly secure repository which provides a safe haven, regardless of overall network security, to protect critical documents and administrative passwords.

Mark Thomas Technical Director of Chameleon Security Solutions stated “”In our opinion Cyber-Ark’s vaulting technology is the only true solution in the Market place that can securely manage and control all information that is deposited within the safe havens they create and their technology achieves this to a very level of granularity. It is exactly what our customers need. Information security is at the heart of our company and by having strategic relationships with companies such as Cyber-Ark we are confident that we will underpin our success to date, whilst adding true value to our customers.”

Cyber-Ark has just sold their Network Vault to Belgacom who are one of Leading EuropeanTelecoms Operators and who are delighted with the solution for storing passwords. Bernard Philippe – Belgacom Server Product Manager said “Cyber-Ark’s product was the only product on the market that met all our security requirements and we quickly realised it was the key to significantly improving our password management process. Thanks to Cyber-Ark we are now able to guarantee secure access to administrative passwords for system administrators, service desk personnel and on-guard personnel. The audit trails are giving us valuable traces of who accessed which server. Using the paradigm of Vaults, safes and documents gives an intuitive view of our real-life password management situation. In the future, we will extend the use of the product to manage the passwords of our customers and secure documents.”

Calum Macleod -European Director of Cyber-Ark said “We are expanding rapidly across the UK and Europe as more and more customers appreciate that conventional security technologies have not addressed the key factor of being able to secure their digital assets which Cyber-Ark can achieve with their digital Vaulting Technology. Key to our growth and continued success has been the quality and professionalism of the resellers who we have appointed and these are companies who have a deserved reputation of being trail blazers in the security industry.”

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