Merchant Account and Credit Card Processing Gateway Offers Free Credit Card Processing Fraud Protection to Online Merchants

SPOKANE, WA (PRWEB) October 25, 2005 — The Fast Charge Payment Gatewayâ„? — a credit card processing service and merchant account gateway includes free fraud screening and protection for online merchants.

Internet Credit Card Processing requires more security and aggressive fraud controls than retail credit card processing because the credit card cannot be verified by swiping the credit card like you do with a retail merchant account. For this reason it’s very important to deal with a company that specializes in internet transactions and Internet Merchant Accounts. An Internet Merchant Account does not require a shopper’s signature and has requirements beyond a typical card-not-present or retail merchant account.

Features of the Fast Charge Payment Gatewayâ„? offered Free with all accounts:

Brute Force Attack Protection – This feature prevents brute force credit card number attacks, even if the transactions are coming from multiple locations or using spoofed IP addresses. The number you enter is the number of similar credit card numbers within a one-hour period before transactions will get declined.

Cramming Protection – This feature prevents the use of credit card or ACH number generating schemes by limiting the number of transactions allowed from a given IP address. The merchant sets the maximum number of transactions allowed within a 60 minute period.

IP Blocking – This feature enables a filter on IP addresses. Transactions with IP addresses on this list are declined. Merchants maintain their own list of IP addresses to reject. A range of addresses can be specified by leaving one of the fields blank.

Prevent Duplicate Transactions – This feature tracks recent transactions to ensure the same transaction is not authorized more than once. This eliminates problems due to “double clicking” the transaction submit button as well as duplicate submittal of batch transactions. Transactions are tracked for duplicates over a one hour time period.

Ship Only to Billing Address – This feature only allows transactions in which the shipping address matches the billing address. Transactions in which the addresses do not match are declined. It is recommended, for credit card transactions, that AVS be enabled allowing the verification of the billing address.

Country Blocking – Enables a filter on the consumer’s country as obtained by the billing and/or shipping addresses. Transactions with countries matching a country in the Merchant’s negative country database are declined. Restrict Transaction Source – This option allows you to restrict transaction processing to only those transactions that originate from servers that you specify via IP address or domain name.

Address Verification – Address Verification Service (AVS) matches the known address information associated with the given credit card number against the billing address information provided by the user. If the information does not match, the transaction is declined. The merchant has the option of choosing the level of match required for an approved transaction. The service only applies to credit card transactions.

Negative Account Blocking – Enables a filter on account numbers. Transactions with account numbers on this list are declined. The Base level utilizes a database of negative account numbers maintained by this service provider. With the Merchant level, merchants can maintain their own list of negative account numbers.

Account Number 3DES Encryption – This option allows you to enable triple DES (3DES) encryption of the account number when submitting transactions using the key. A 48 character key will be generated that you will be required to use to encrypt the account number with before submitting it to the gateway. Transactions received by the gateway via the API that were not encrypted with your key will be declined.

Merchant Pin – The Merchant PIN acts as a private password that you can enable on transactions submitted through the API. This option helps ensure that only transactions submitted from you the merchant are processed on your account. Transactions that are submitted that don’t have the correct Merchant PIN will be refused.


The Fast Charge Payment Gatewayâ„? is a full service internet payment gateway supplying real-time credit card processing, ACH/check payment processing and powerful e-commerce merchant service tools. BR> provides a full suite of payment services including a free shopping cart, free batch processing, free recurring billing functions and free fraud protection. For more information, visit the Fast Charge Payment Gatewayâ„? Website at

About Electronic Transfer, Inc.:

Electronic Transfer Inc. is a leading merchant account and merchant services company with operations throughout the USA. ETI provides services that businesses require to accept credit card, electronic check and direct debit payments. ETI processes credit card payments for internet businesses, mail order and retail point-of-sale merchants, as well as processing checks and direct debits online and by phone. For more information, visit Electronic Transfer, Inc.’s Websites at or

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