CommVault Launches Next Generation QiNetix Software to Address Evolving, Real-World Data Protection Requirements

Reading November 9, 2005 — CommVault®, a provider of Unified Data Managementâ„? solutions, today announced that it has completed the next phase of advancement for its QiNetixâ„? product suite. Designed to help end users close the data vulnerability gap, QiNetix Version 6.1 integrates data protection with corporate applications to optimise recovery time and recovery point objectives.

In what is the first of three major CommVault announcements this quarter regarding its QiNetixâ„? suite upgrades, the company announced today a new recovery solution called ContinuousDataReplicator (CDR) software. The CDR solution, for remote offices and data centers that are being consolidated for Disaster Recovery purposes, continuously captures changes in enterprise applications and remote office data. With this latest advancement, CommVault is the first and only vendor to offer data replication that is tightly integrated with a Unified Data Managementâ„? platform. This platform shares job and media management, security, policy management, index and a common browser interface to help customers maximise data availability at reduced costs.

“CDP is the most talked about thing this storage season, but most of the rhetoric is just that,” said Steve Duplessie, founder and senior analyst at The Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc. “The CommVault offering provides a legitimate value across the entire enterprise – from data center to remote branches, and everywhere in between. This is the kind of implementation that will give CDP a good name.”

Closing in on CDP for the Enterprise

The CommVault QiNetix suite is unique because of its Unified Data Management platform, which offers a full application spectrum of feature-rich, reliable and high-quality, data protection solutions that include traditional tape backup, disk-to-disk backup, snapshot management and “zero-impact” recovery. With the new advancements to its QiNetix product suite, CommVault expands its recovery portfolio to include additional, important recovery options to meet customers’ objectives—whether they want instant or longer term recovery.

The new QiNetix ContinuousDataReplicator software helps customers who need a Disaster Recovery solution among data centers or need to protect data located at remote offices. With CDR, customers can leverage bandwidth-efficient, continuous replication of file and application data between the source and designated targets. In addition, application consistency is provided through Recovery Points – a unique feature that provides referential integrity of application data.

Also, unlike competitive solutions, the administrator can choose to replicate entire volumes, or select folders or individual directories within a single volume. With CommVault’s CDR flexibility, administrators can be assured that all changes are being continuously captured and protected, and periodic recovery points capture consistent point-in-time data. In addition, CDR is wide area network (WAN) friendly, offering scheduled bandwidth throttling to meet network operations needs.

Unique Features of ContinuousDataReplicator

§ Multiple-point-in-time recovery via “Recovery Points” uniquely adds recovery point flexibility to traditional data replication solutions, which delivers a more reliable recovery of application data and provides users with the ability to reference historical points in time.

§ Full integration with key applications like SQL and Exchange to protect vital data, which is important because business-critical data typically resides in an application and not necessarily in a file. § Byte-level continuous change capture for efficient data

transport, which ensures maximum efficiencies of computing resources.

CommVault Changes the Game—Again

“This is only the first of three very exciting announcements CommVault will make this quarter regarding the new QiNetix suite. Clearly, with our Unified Data Management platform, we are solving complicated problems for our customers—problems that cannot be addressed effectively with non-unified, point solutions,” said Bob Hammer, chairman and CEO, CommVault. “Adding ContinuousDataReplicator to our data protection portfolio addresses our customers’ complicated environments, evolving enterprises and diverse data protection needs at the lowest possible cost.” About CommVault

CommVault® provides Unified Data Managementâ„? solutions for high- performance data protection, universal availability and simplified management of data on complex storage networks. The CommVault® QiNetixâ„? platform, based on CommVault’s Common Technology Engine, integrates Galaxy backup and recovery, snapshot management and recovery, active data migration and archiving, email compliance, enterprise service level management and reporting and storage resource management software solutions. The QiNetix unified approach allows customers to add/integrate QiNetix components, at a fraction of the time, effort and money required by separate point products.

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