Koolspan Launches Securedge 3.0 State-Of-The-Art Two-Factor Authentication Technology At 32nd Annual Computer Security Institute (CSI) Conference & Exhibition

WASHINGTON, CSI Conference & Exhibition Booth #1117, Nov. 14, 2005—KoolSpan, Inc., the leading provider of plug-and-play security solutions that bridge networks, users, and devices, today announced the market launch of the third version of its flagship SecurEdge two-factor authentication and encryption technology. Delivering simplicity and reduced TCO, SecurEdge v3.0 represents one of the security industry’s most innovative, secure and easy to use two-factor authentication technologies. Senior KoolSpan executives will demo SecurEdge 3.0 for conference attendees, industry analysts and journalists at CSI.

Using a Smart Card to Smart Card architecture, SecureEdge’s per packet 256-bit AES Ethernet encryption protects sensitive information without impacting bandwidth utilization or performance. SecurEdge provides an ultra-secure and consistent way for end users inside and outside of the firewall to access their company’s private network. Users may connect from anywhere over wired or wireless networks, enabling IT Managers to install, configure and support one access method for a variety of networks while dramatically simplifying the end user’s experience.

“We needed a solution that provided ultra-secure communications between our Data Center and client’s networks, but allowed for the synchronization of terabytes of data without impacting performance or bandwidth, said Jeffrey M. Mims, president of Hunt Valley, Md.-based Mavenspire, which uses KoolSpan technology to secure its data center communications and hosting services. “We chose KoolSpan’s two-factor authentication to create a simple, unified method for securing connections, including Voice over IP and iSCSI replication streams for business continuity.”

From data centers to enterprises nationwide, KoolSpan’s two-factor authentication solutions can be used to secure VoIP calls, provide protected remote access without a VPN, secure Wi-Fi in offices and public hotspots, and secure Ethernet for multi-site bridging or backbone encryption across private or public networks.

“Whether connecting from internal LAN links or wireless connections inside or outside the firewall, KoolSpan’s Smart Card to Smart Card architecture with its native Layer 2 operation delivers superlative security,” said KoolSpan Chief Executive Officer Tony Fascenda. “Transparent to the network, network gear and applications it protects, KoolSpan elevates existing infrastructures to tomorrow’s security standard and drives the ROI of the environment in which it is installed.”

About KoolSpan, Inc.

Based in Bethesda, Md., privately-held KoolSpan, Inc. is the leading provider of plug-and-play security solutions that bridge networks, users, and devices for encrypted Layer 2 access to any business application with critical security requirements. Utilizing Smart Cards, KoolSpan provides secure access simply and cost effectively, eliminating user and administrator challenges and allowing local and remote workers to efficiently and securely authenticate over wired and wireless networks. KoolSpan technology reduces network costs by streamlining IT infrastructure, and enables workforces and IT departments to be more productive. For more information visit: www.koolspan.com.

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