AEP Netilla Security Platform Achieves High Marks in Network World’s SSL VPN Interoperability Testing

SOMERSET, N.J. – Dec. 21, 2005 – AEP Networks today announced that the company’s AEP Netilla Security Platform scored the highest marks in a key interoperability area, thanks to its thin client capabilities, in Network World’s SSL VPN 2005 Group Test. The comprehensive lab test was conducted by Joel Snyder of Opus One, and a results report was published earlier this week.

In one of the key application interoperability tests performed – port forwarding and application redirection, which enable secure remote access to traditional client/server applications over standard Web browsers – AEP was named “the clear winner,” ahead of Nokia and Juniper. “In this particular case, our choice of applications was particularly fortuitous because it showcased AEP’s thin-client technology, arguably the strongest part of its product,” Snyder wrote in the report.

In the overall testing, AEP Networks scored above average compared to 10 other vendors’ products. The products were tested in seven critical areas: application interoperability, end-point security support, fine-grained access control, high availability, manageability, portal control and virtualization, and authentication.

“We were pleasantly surprised by the high scores from AEP, especially in interoperability,” Snyder also noted. “AEP Networks has a powerful weapon: the thin-client mechanism that ships with its Netilla Security Platform (NSP).”

“AEP’s thin-client approach avoids the inefficiency of tunneling TCP-in-TCP typically used in full network extension products. As a bonus, the end user does not need to have administrator rights, a plus in very diverse extranet deployments. This feature allowed NSP to excel in the port-forwarding interoperability testing we conducted,” continued Snyder.

The AEP Netilla Security Platform is an SSL VPN appliance for Web portal-based secure application access. Multiple access modes (thin client, reverse web proxy, Intelligent Port Forwarding, Network-layer SSL tunnel) allow support for the broadest range of enterprise applications. By incorporating a full complement of security safeguards, such as client integrity, an integrated firewall, and application layer proxy protection, as well as a seamless RDP and ICA “client push”, the NSP is especially well suited for securing and simplifying Citrix and Windows Terminal Server deployments. SC Magazine named the AEP Netilla Security Platform “Best VPN” in its 2005 Global Awards.

“As this authoritative Network World testing demonstrates, our AEP Netilla Security Platform is the clear choice for providing secure access to Windows Terminal Services, Citrix and a wide range of other non-Web-based legacy applications, thanks to our unique “thin client’ application access,” said Reggie Best, executive vice president and general manager of AEP’s Secure Application Access Business. “Along with the NSP’s secure thin client, our intelligent port forwarding and high level of interoperability with web applications, per the Network World test, demonstrate the value our customers can gain by enabling access to all application resources in a data center.”

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