LUCID CTO Vikram Phatak, Piedmont Natural Gas Senior Security Engineer John Cahill To Deliver Joint Presentation At Homeland Security For Networked Industries Conference In Orlando

PHILADELPHIA, Jan 6, 2006— Lucid Security Corporation, the leader in adaptive intrusion prevention, today announced that Lucid CTO Vikram Phatak, together with Lucid customer John W. Cahill Jr., senior network security engineer at Piedmont Natural Gas, will showcase adaptive intrusion prevention from the frontlines at one of the nation’s largest natural gas utilities.

The case study presentation will take place within the Industry and Government Solutions track of the Homeland Security for Networked Industries Conference (, Tuesday, Jan. 10, at the Walt Disney World Resort, in Orlando.

Based in Charlotte, NC, Piedmont Natural Gas Company (PNG) is a Fortune 1000 energy and services company primarily engaged in the transportation, distribution and sale of natural gas to over 940,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

“We became early adopters of the ipANGEL solution, the installation was easy and quick and we had our rules in place prior to installation, our change window was an amazing ten minutes,” Cahill said. “We think the ipANGEL solution adapted very well for a homeland security-sensitive company as ours and we look forward to showcasing our successes from the frontlines at the HSNI conference.”

Incorporating asset identification and vulnerability discovery with intrusion prevention, ipANGEL automatically updates and tunes protection to prevent exploits as they are discovered on servers and applications within the network. Using a vulnerability-based signature system to proactively protect against known, unknown, and undiscovered exploits, ipANGEL is available in appliances ranging from 10 Mbps for small offices through Multi-Gigabit for enterprise/carrier-class environments.

“Our work at Piedmont Natural Gas is a perfect example of how Adaptive Intrusion Prevention is beginning to replace traditional intrusion prevention,” Phatak said. “ipANGEL’s multi-gig speeds, world-class effectiveness and best-in-class management has provided John Cahill and his team more time to concentrate on other tasks, by streamlining the tuning and filtering process.”

Lucid Security is one of the few IPS vendors that staffs and operates its own threat and vulnerability research team, LucidWatchâ„?, which enables ipANGEL to consistently provide protection from zero day exploits.

About Lucid Security Corporation

Lucid Security, based in suburban Philadelphia, is the provider of ipANGELâ„?, the world’s only adaptive, asset-aware, intrusion prevention appliance. ipANGEL incorporates asset and vulnerability discovery within a high-performance intrusion prevention platform. Through its patented Adaptive Intelligenceâ„? technology, ipANGEL enhances security and dramatically reduces the time required for operational maintenance.To learn more visit

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