SSI and Tri-Snap Offer Rock-solid Protection against All Types of Spyware

BONITA SPRINGS, FL. – February 22, 2006: TRISNAP TECHNOLOGIES, a world-class innovator in anti-spyware technologies, today announces the unveiling of a new anti-spyware duet that embraces Systems Spyware Interrogator 1.3.15 (SSI) and Tri-Snap 3.0. Coupled together, they provide you with the duo threat prevention against a wide array of spyware and malware, real-time protection and spyware removal. Unique to the software is its “Predator” technology that uses the real-time data exchange with the online database. This eliminates the need for costly and time consuming updates, letting you be abreast of current spyware threats.

SSI is a stand alone scanner that uses the “Predator” technology to inspect your entire system for suspicious spyware activities. Connected to the real-time database, SSI compares your files to its online database and reports on the files, which are identified as spyware or malware, as well as those, which are unknown to the SSI database. You can then submit the information on the unknown file to the Trisnap research center for further identification, report a false positive, and remove suspicious items manually or use the Trisnap paid for removal assistance. Your scan results enrich the SSI database with new spyware variances and safe white files.

As soon as your computer has been inspected by SSI, you can use Tri-Snap to set up a secure perimeter around your system and place your current settings in stone. Tri-Snap is a real-time monitor and removal tool that offers three stages of protection against a wide array of spyware, including adware, keyloggers, malware, dialers, worms, Trojans, spyware and pup’s. It uses the file information collected by SSI to monitor your system for incoming threats. Incoming files are bounced against the SSI’s database, and if a file is identified as unknown or known spyware, Tri-Snap removes it before it integrates into the system or modifies its settings. Unlike traditional spyware scans, Tri-Snap identifies and removes spyware in 2-3 minutes.

“SSI coupled with Tri-Snap work hand in hand to help you in researching and making an educated decision on the security status of the files residing on your PC and incoming files,” says Tim Lloyd, COO of TRISNAP TECHNOLOGIES. “Today, the SSI’s database has over 100.000 files identified as spyware, and it keeps on growing thanks to the joined efforts of our technicians and ordinary users. The database is open, and anyone is encouraged to educate themselves about spyware at their leisure. Our company is ready to share the copies of our spyware signature files with none real-time anti-spyware vendors and enterprise partners, who would like to keep their software and clients abreast of current spyware variances.”

Pricing and Availability SSI and Tri-Snap require Windows 98x/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003. As an introductory offer the company offers both Tri-Snap and a year membership of SSI for $29.99 (USD). Registered customers receive the scanner that has priority removal assistance if new variances of spyware are discovered and a solid security system that works 24/7/365. Additional information on SSI and Tri-Snap is available from and A 7-day fully functional evaluation version of Tri-Snap is available from

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