New Dell computers with TPM chips and bundled security software

Wave Systems security software is now shipping with new Dell Latitude notebooks and Dell Precision mobile workstations. Dell will include the Wave software as a standard offering on all Latitude D620 and D820 notebooks and Dell Precision M65 mobile workstations.

The computers contain a Trusted Platform Module (TPM), a unique standards-based hardware security chip that handles various security tasks on a computer. This hardware-based solution holds computer-generated keys for encryption, helping avoid attack by hackers looking to capture passwords or steal the encryption keys to access sensitive data stored on PCs. When combined with Wave Systems Embassy Trust Suite software, the TPM performs a variety of business security features, such as system authentication to help ensure only authorized computers can access the network and data.

Bundling Wave’s Embassy Trust Suite adds capabilities for security policy management, data protection, password management and strong pre-boot authentication. The benefits of these applications for reducing network security problems include mitigating password, data and personal information theft, application security, strong wireless authentication, secure email and more-all while increasing productivity. The entire solution is standards based, interoperable with known business applications and very easy to deploy and use in an Enterprise Environment.

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