Free password utility: Aurora Password Manager

Animabilis Software released Aurora Password Manager, a tool helping you protect your passwords. Not only does it take care of your private information, but it also features a number of remarkable functions, which are especially significant, since Aurora Password Manager is free of charge. A clear and simple style of the customizable interface is the very first feature you are certain to like. Secondly, it is worth to note that the program uses a strong encryption mechanism, which prevents unauthorized access (256-bit AES – Advanced Encryption Standard).

Aurora Password Manager has a built-in backup system, which allows you to set a number of copies you need to store. In practice this means that your data is certain to be safe and sound. Aurora Password Manager provides for a multitude of commonly used templates for storing such kind of data, as web site accounts, pin-codes or e-mail passwords, so you can go over to adding data right after you have installed the manager onto your computer.

Aurora Password Manager Features at a Glance:

  • Provides strong 256 bit AES encryption
  • Features one multi-user database for all employees
  • Has a built-in toolbar for filling web forms in IE
  • Generates passwords, which are very hard to guess
  • Provides for advanced backup and restore options
  • Features data search and categorization options
  • Aurora Password Manager is free of charge.