Secure Sessions for wireless hotspot users

GoTrusted today announced an innovative online Internet security service geared toward protecting users of wireless public hotspots and other insecure Internet connections. Available from, the new ‘Secure Session’ service allows users to instantly connect through a secure web portal that encrypts their network traffic before it leaves their computers. The service requires no software to install and requires no configuration of the host computer.

Gotrusted’s Secure Session service provides extremely strong encryption and protects the host computer from peer attacks over the network (wireless or wired) being used to connect to the Internet. Once the protected traffic reaches GoTrusted’s safe ‘launching point’ to the Internet, it’s then decrypted and sent on its way. GoTrusted uses HIPPA compliant secure site high-speed connections to the Internet backbone.

GoTrusted’s secure session service can also be used by traveling workers that need privacy when using Internet connections at vendor locations. The secure session service allows these workers to encrypt their traffic and bypass vendor firewall rules that may prevent their mission critical applications from communicating over the network.

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