Two-factor authentication solution for OpenVMS systems

Process Software announced that it has achieved technical interoperability certification between the VMS Authentication Module and RSA SecurID two-factor authentication solution. This RSA Secured partner program certification signifies that a technical partnership has been extended to increase security for OpenVMS customers.

The VMS Authentication Module is being used at a large financial institution in Switzerland to give more than 1,000 customers secure access to a banking application running on several OpenVMS systems. “This organization provides customers with RSA SecurID cards for access to their personal financial information which is more secure than the use of static passwords,” said Heinz Genhart, GFR Software Solutions AG. “Process Software’s VMS Authentication Module API allowed us to easily integrate RSA SecurID agent software with this financial institution’s application.”

Process Software’s VMS Authentication Module software provides two implementation options. It can be incorporated into the normal OpenVMS login procedure or used to protect a particular application on the OpenVMS system. Once a user logs into the OpenVMS operating system using normal procedures, access to a specific applications is granted with a RSA SecurID card. The RSA SecurID agent is one of several authentication methods available that can be integrated into third-party applications using the VMS Authentication Module’s API.

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