ISS introduces Proventia Network Mail Security System

Internet Security Systems, Inc. today introduced the Proventia® Network Mail Security System, the company’s first security appliance dedicated solely to protecting an organisation’s messaging infrastructure. Unlike existing e-mail security solutions that tend to focus only on anti-spam technology, the new ISS solution offers comprehensive, pre-emptive protection against messaging threats through industry-leading intrusion prevention system (IPS) technology and the patented ISS Virus Prevention System (VPS).

Proventia Network Mail is an extension of the ISS protection platform, which provides end-to-end protection against threats to enterprise endpoints, servers, networks and gateways. Designed for enterprises and managed service providers, the Proventia Network Mail appliance scales to support the demands of large organisations. It can be configured to protect as few as 2,500 users or up to hundreds of thousands of users with minimal appliance deployments.
In the era of distributed workforces, virtual teams, road warriors and corporate globalisation, e-mail is the most indispensable enterprise application, yet it continues to be plagued not only by spam but also by phishing, denial of service attacks, directory harvest attacks, viruses, worms and other types of malicious code.

Through a powerful combination of IPS, virus blocking, anti-spam and embedded URL filtering technologies, Proventia Network Mail protects against spam and the full realm of malicious code affecting e-mail systems through the SMTP protocol, including phishing attacks, viruses, worms and other malcode. The appliance inspects the content of each e-mail that enters an organisation at multiple levels, ensuring 98 per cent effectiveness in spam blocking. It is the only solution on the market that includes the unique Virus Prevention System technology from ISS, which assesses the behaviour of network traffic, including e-mail attachments and files, to identify and block viruses and other zero-day threats before they are even discovered, preventing malicious content from ever reaching the download stage.

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